7th Street Theater

7th Street Theater

3 Seasons

Christian actors perform a weekly stage show for their community.

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7th Street Theater
  • The Commercial

    Episode 1

    Andi (Stacey J. Aswad) gets chance to audition for a regional TV ad, that if she gets it, will earn $11,000 for about six hours of work!

  • Surprise!

    Episode 2

    Jamie (Josh Gaffga) has a birthday coming and says nobody has been able to throw him a surprise party because he always figures them out ahead of time. He's says he's too smart. Gates (Hugh McLean) says, “Is that so”?

  • A Christian Practical Joke?

    Episode 3

    Gates (Hugh McLean) challenges the cast to a practical joke contest, and there is one stipulation, all of the jokes have to be “Christian”.

  • A Christian Practical Joke? - Part 2

    Episode 4

    Gates (Hugh McLean) has saved his best practical joke for last and is on the prowl to win the contest. Everybody else is out to get Gates, if they can.

  • Jamie's Earrings

    Episode 5

    Jamie (Josh Gaffga) shows up one morning wearing earrings and this causes a big problem for Gates (Hugh McLean). He won't act in the show if Jamie wears them, which in turn, creates a major problem for Rudy (Jack Kelly) to deal with.

  • The Student

    Episode 6

    A college student (Sarah H. Haught) takes actings lessons from Kelly (Johanna Jowett) and wants to learn some Christian drama.

  • One Lucky Lady

    Episode 7

    Kelly (Johanna Jowett) tells the cast about a movie called “Pamela's Prayer”, which has a standard of purity before marriage that is a little too high for her, until she sees it from a different perspective!

  • The Vanish of New Jersey

    Episode 8

    Gates (Hugh McLean) has a new idea for the show where he says he wants to vanish New Jersey, and the cast can't see the routine until he actually does it in the show!

  • Shelley

    Episode 9

    Jamie (Josh Gaffga) meets a girl and falls deeply in love. The guys in the cast give him a hard time about it but the ladies are very happy for him.

  • Shelley - Part 2

    Episode 10

    The conclusion of the love story between Jamie (Josh Gaffga) and the new love of his life, Shelley.

  • The Word

    Episode 11

    Mr. Wheeler wants the cast to come up with a special show to emphasize how important it is for people to read the Bible. The problem is that they only have one day to do it!

  • The Heckler

    Episode 12

    A man (Alex Kendrick) causes some commotion at the theater one night during a performance while Jamie (Josh Gaffga) is on stage, which sets up a showdown between the two.

  • The Game

    Episode 13

    Three men attend a football game, one Christian and two non-believers. They discuss gambling, drinking and prayer. At the end of the game, one of the men sees things a little differently than before.

  • Movie Star

    Episode 14

    Kelly (Johanna Jowett) has a dream where she is Stephanie Wright, the world's most famous, beautiful and wealthiest actress!

  • No Lights

    Episode 15

    The cast shows up at the theater one morning and there is no power. This leads to an idea that Kelly (Johanna Jowett) writes about two men trapped in a cave with little hope for rescue.

  • Andi
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    Tragedy strikes one morning for the cast and they are suddenly in a whirlwhind hoping for a miracle!

  • An Actor's Big Chance

    Episode 17

    A newspaper's special column on the 7th Street Theater leads to an opportunity for a cast member in New York City.

  • An Actor's Big Chance - Part 2

    Episode 18

    One of the cast members has an offer that could be too hard to refuse and must make a decision about whether to take it or not.

  • An Actor's Big Chance - Part 3

    Episode 19

    The actors have to adjust to a change that has occurred and Gates (Hugh McLean) is the most troubled about it all.

  • An Actor's Big Chance - Part 4

    Episode 20

    The cast has to make a major decision and none of them are too happy with having to do so.

  • Jamie's Brother

    Episode 21

    Jamie's brother (Mark Scarboro) comes to visit Jamie (Josh Gaffga) at the theater and fits right in doing a little acting in one of the shows.

  • Jamie's Brother - Part 2

    Episode 22

    Gates (Hugh McLean) discovers a major problem with Jamie's brother (Mark Scarboro) and tries to reach out and help him with it.

  • Switched Identities

    Episode 23

    Andi (Stacey J. Aswad) has an idea for the show where each of the cast members will switch roles from who they normally would play.

  • Going & Coming

    Episode 24

    With things going smoothly and well at the theater, a big change is about to occur that none of them expected.