13 Episodes

King Babar recounts the story of his life and adventures in this animated adaptation of Jean de Brunhoff's charming children's books.

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  • The Gift

    Episode 1

    Babar has to chose between loyalty to friendship and loyalty to the law.

  • School Days

    Episode 2

    King Babar recalls a time when he was a young boy living in the City.

  • Between Friends

    Episode 3

    Babar wants to find a special gift for the Old Lady.

  • King Tuttle's Vote

    Episode 4

    Babar finds out that Zephir would rather play practical jokes than keep guard of the Royal Peanut Patch.

  • Elephant's Express

    Episode 5

    Rataxes declares war on Celesteville.

  • Peer Pressure

    Episode 6

    When Zephir and Celeste have an accident they soon find themselves battling out their trial in court.

  • La Tour de Celesteville

    Episode 7

    Rataxes 'king-naps' King Tuttle, so he cannot sign Babar's treaty that would force Rataxes to stop dumping garbage into the river.

  • Rhino War

    Episode 8

    Babar has chosen Arthur to be his partner in the annual bike race.

  • Double the Guards

    Episode 9

    Cornelius believes that he's becoming quite useless.

  • Monkey Business

    Episode 10

    Rataxes refuses to let Babar build a railway through Rhinoland.

  • The Intruder

    Episode 11

    Babar's children tell a story about a monster in the palace.

  • Conga the Terrible

    Episode 12

    Babar is trying to have a quite dinner with Celeste.

  • Remember When

    Episode 13

    Babar's children recall the time when they accidentally went up in a balloon and entered a terrible storm.