Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month

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Celebrate Black History Month


  • Misty Copeland

    TV-G. Earvin "Magic" Johnson talks to Misty Copeland, the principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre, about her path to success, how she's using her platform to inspire young African American ballerinas and what she aspires to in the future.

  • Meet Chelsea Richards

    TV-G. Chelsea Richards comes from a Jamaican family but suspects there is more to her ancestry. Tyrone Edwards shocks her with the results of her DNA test.

  • Meet Laird Hercules

    TV-G. Tyrone Edwards reveals to Laird Hercules a new culture through his DNA results. Laird cooks up a meal that combines his known and newfound cultures.

  • Meet Bianca Osbourne

    TV-G. Bianca Osbourne is shocked by host Tyrone Edwards who reveals a whole new side of her family history. Then, she explores her new culture through food.

  • Meet PJ Kerr

    TV-G. Host Tyrone Edwards takes PJ Kerr on a journey to discover his ancestry and meets with an expert chef to learn more about his newfound roots.

  • Meet Jamila Doncher

    TV-G. Host Tyrone Edwards teaches Jamila Doncher about her ancestral background through food, and she cooks a unique meal for her family.

  • Meet Shameen Miller

    TV-G. Host Tyrone Edwards surprises Shameen Miller with her DNA results. Shameen cooks a meal that combines her two cultures and shares it with her family.

  • Contrast Color Blocking vs Film Noir

    TV-G. Courtney is a successful real estate broker but is lost when it comes to design. Her home is grey from top to bottom. Nikki breaks through all the shades of grey and creates a design forward master retreat.

  • Bali Beach vs Art Loft

    TV-G. Herman is a single dad who wants his second floor bonus room to become a place to hang out with his son Zacc. He painted a wall but that’s where his efforts ended. Now he’s stuck. Nikki completely transforms the room into a design forward man cave.

  • Afro Pop vs Modern Farmhouse

    TV-G. Shaun bought a house with a great pool but an ugly backyard. He dreams of having his friends over and hanging out at the pool, but he doesn't know where to begin. Nikki turns Shaun's nightmare backyard into a dream oasis with her forward design.

  • Creative Freestyle vs Exotic Jungle

    TV-G. Michelle and Jeremy love color and bold design. They started to makeover their living room, then their new baby arrived. Nikki takes over their space and redesigns their living room with flare and style that will be trending forward.

  • Modern Globalism vs Summer Neutrals

    TV-G. Yvette & Corey have a large blended family and want their family room to reflect their vibrant personalities. Nikki creates a trend forward design that celebrates their roots, and works for the whole family.

  • Modern Opulence vs Culture Encounter

    TV-G. Keisha loves red and has it throughout her house. Her partner Dwane is literally seeing red and wants change. Nikki uses color therapy on this couple and redesigns their master bedroom into design forward retreat.

  • Mixed Metals vs Home Made Simple

    TV-G. Charis and Jason's front door opens directly into their living room. It's an awkward space that lacks purpose and personality. Nikki creates a forward design that has the wow factor the minute the door opens.

  • Modern Glamour vs Millennial Pink

    TV-G. Denise and Reagan are a fashionable mother and daughter duo, but their living room is more like a worn out sweater. Nikki redesigns their space that’s more reflective of their personality and is inspired by fashion runways of the world.

  • Endangered

    TV-PG. Chanel and Malik are on their way to the gender reveal party for their first child. While excited as expecting parents, they also fear the challenges their black son or daughter may encounter.

  • Mully

    TV-14. Based on the true story of a man whose stratospheric rise to wealth leaves him questioning his own existence, Mully sets out to enrich orphaned children across Kenya. Viewer Discretion Advised.

  • Hope Village

    PG. Having watched her family disappear into alcohol and drugs until she, too, found herself caught in the web of addiction, Lucy is now on a journey of self-empowerment to save others.