Constitution Alive

Constitution Alive

11 Episodes

Join Christian historian David Barton and former Texas legislator Rick Green as they advocate for the original intent of our founding documents in this one-of-a-kind, series on the meaning and purpose of the Constitution.

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Constitution Alive
  • Introduction: Our Purpose & Approach

    Episode 1

    Discovering the importance of studying, understanding and upholding the principles established by the Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution; gaining an awareness of what the founders risked to uphold the documents they created.

  • The Seeds of Liberty

    Episode 2

    Examining the Declaration of Independence alongside the U.S. Constitution to understand its context.

  • A 30,000-Foot Overview

    Episode 3

    A broad look at the U.S. Constitution explores how each article and amendment impacts specific branches of government and citizens' lives.

  • Article I: The Congress - Part One

    Episode 4

    Examining the specific powers given to Congress in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution; exploring the different interpretations and abuses the text experienced throughout the years.

  • Article I: The Congress - Part Two

    Episode 5

    A deeper dive into Article I Section 8 of the Constitution reveals more about specific clauses that hold great importance for U.S. citizens; sitting in on a question-and-answer session with Constitutional expert Rick Green.

  • Article II: The President

    Episode 6

    Exploring Article II of the Constitution to determine what the executive branch of government was designed to do; learning the proper function of the presidency as defined by the Constitution.

  • Article III: Four Judicial Myths

    Episode 7

    Diving into the original language of the Constitution to dispel myths associated with the judiciary and identifying how the Founding Fathers intended the court system to work.

  • First Amendment Freedom of Religion

    Episode 8

    Learning the definition of inalienable rights as defined by the Founding Fathers and how that definition impacts citizens' First Amendment rights, specifically the freedom of religion.

  • The Bill of Rights

    Episode 9

    A continued study of inalienable rights explores Amendments II through IX, starting with an examination of how the laws of nature and the laws of God impact the Bill of Rights.

  • The Amendment Process

    Episode 10

    Exploring the logistics of amending the Constitution and exploring some possible future amendments.

  • Duty of the Citizen

    Episode 11

    Discussing what the people can do to uphold the principles instituted by the Founding Fathers, from teaching the rising generation to electing public officials committed to upholding its principles.