Crazy Beautiful Weddings

Crazy Beautiful Weddings

2 Seasons

See wedding planner Lynzie Kent work her magic as she tailors stunning wedding celebrations to couples' love stories.

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Crazy Beautiful Weddings
  • The Blue Wedding

    Episode 1

    Isabel and Garry have big visions for an art show inspired wedding with some cool installations and need Lynzie and team to make it happen!

  • Princess Wedding

    Episode 2

    Planning the most traditional wedding of her career, Lynzie steps outside her comfort zone, channels her inner princess and plans a perfect fairy tale wedding for Lena and Matt.

  • Black Wedding

    Episode 3

    Sandi and Jeff were clueless when they hired Lynzie to plan their wedding. That gives Lynzie creative license to design a wedding outside the box. Using non-traditional elements and an edgy color choice, Lynzie executes a wedding with a bold statement.

  • Lakehouse Wedding

    Episode 4

    Kevin and Nancy hire Lynzie to create a lake house inspired wedding in the city. With a crazy room flip involved, Lynzie's team turns an industrial space into a rustic country meets city oasis.

  • Pop Up Chapel

    Episode 5

    Lynzie and her team prepare for the wedding event of the season at the Pop Up Chapel. That's 8 weddings in 8 hours. It's the ultimate PR event but also a logistical challenge.

  • Fresh Fall Wedding

    Episode 6

    Sarah and Mike's wedding is the biggest of the season. Lynzie transforms 3 giant spaces into a whimsical romantic wonderland with a custom lighting installation, tons of florals, a massive DIY seating chart and brownie bar.

  • Spooky Wedding

    Episode 7

    Spontaneous not only describes Lynzie's newest clients, Alicia and Josh, but also their wedding. Lynzie has 2 weeks to execute her vision of a moody, dark yet elegant wedding including plans for a rogue ceremony in the park.

  • Today's Bride

    Episode 8

    In the heart of wedding season, Lynzie's been given a chance to showcase her talent and business with a 6-page editorial in a leading bridal magazine. With only 2 weeks to plan, Lynzie executes 3 stunning wedding looks.

  • Squirrels!

    Episode 9

    Lynzie's not only Nate and Nicole's wedding planner but her band is playing the reception. With inspiration from Nate's favorite rodent, Lynzie has a surprise for the couple she hopes will be a tasty addition to the party.

  • Rock and Roll Wedding

    Episode 10

    Lynzie's friend's are getting married and want her to design a totally wild rock and roll wedding. But working for friends is risky and Lynzie feels the pressure to create a wedding that goes down as the party of the year!