Crazy Beautiful Weddings

Crazy Beautiful Weddings

2 Seasons

See wedding planner Lynzie Kent work her magic as she tailors stunning wedding celebrations to couples' love stories.

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Crazy Beautiful Weddings
  • Cozy Winter Campfire

    Episode 1

    Lynzie attempts to pull off a warm and cozy wedding in the middle of winter for Amy and Bryan.

  • Winter BOHO

    Episode 2

    Lynzie and her team attempt to pull off seven weddings in seven hours at a pop-up wedding chapel.

  • Elegant Industrial

    Episode 3

    Lynzie takes inspiration from a brick factory to create an elegant industrial wedding.

  • Whimsical City Park

    Episode 4

    Lynzie transforms a downtown wedding venue into a whimsical and romantic city park in the sky.

  • Carnival Fiesta

    Episode 5

    Monica and Derek hire Lynzie to design a wedding inspired by their love of Spain.

  • Tuscan Getaway

    Episode 6

    Lynzie turns a banquet hall into a Tuscan getaway complete with lemon trees and an Italian soda bar.

  • Breezy Family Picnic

    Episode 7

    Lynzie heads to the country for a laid-back wedding with wild flowers and birch-bark chandeliers.

  • Peruvian Festival

    Episode 8

    Rosa and Alex hire Lynzie to design a wedding that celebrates their shared Peruvian heritage.

  • Vintage Hollywood Hotel

    Episode 9

    Karly and Matthew are excited about having a vintage Hollywood Hotel-inspired wedding.

  • Dreamy Floral Disco

    Episode 10

    Lynzie turns an historic music hall into a glittery and dreamy floral disco for Arielle and Brett.