Davey & Goliath

Davey & Goliath

10 Episodes

Religious moral tales are presented through the adventures of young Davey Hansen, his talking dog, Goliath, and Davey's sister, Sally, via charmingly crude clay animation. The show, geared toward kids, deals with issues including respecting authority and sharing.

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Davey & Goliath
  • A Sudden Storm & The Bell Ringer

    Episode 1

    A Sudden Storm: During a family vacation, the Hansen's get caught in a storm and the lights go out. The Bell Ringer: Davey help Mr. Opp, a bell ringer at Davey's church, by winding clocks while Mr. Opp is out of town.

  • Lost in a Cave & Stranded on an Island

    Episode 2

    Lost in a Cave: Davey remembers being separated from his family while they toured a cave. Stranded on an Island: Davey, Sally, and Goliath are stranded on an island.

  • Not for Sale & The Shoemaker

    Episode 3

    Not for Sale: After he loses one of his father's skis, Davey learns he can't buy forgiveness. The Shoemaker: At first suspicious of an immigrant shoemaker, Davey learns compassion for the man and his sick wife.

  • Ten Pin Alley & Boy Lost

    Episode 4

    Boy Lost: While visiting a carnival, Davey gets separated from his father. Though he's frightened, Davey is sure his father will find him. Ten Pin Alley: Davey fears parental rejection when he doesn't make the track team.

  • The Kite & The Mechanical Man

    Episode 5

    The Kite: Davey, Jimmy, and Teddy try to fly a kite, but too many hands on the kite string result in disaster. The Mechanical Man: Davey is fascinated by a new remote controlled robot toy.

  • The New Skates & Cousin Barney

    Episode 6

    The New Skates: Disobeying his mother, Davey skates on thin ice and falls through. Cousin Barney: Davey is amazed that his father continues to show affection to his annoying cousin Barney.

  • The Polka Dot Tie & All Alone

    Episode 7

    All Alone: During a family outing, Davey hops a ride on a train and is trapped inside all by himsel. The Polka Dot Tie: Davey and friends reject Nat because he wears a funny tie, but they soon realize God rejects no one.

  • The Runaway & Officer Bob

    Episode 8

    The Runaway: Davey runs off to the circus, but the daily chores of the circus send him back home where he belongs. Officer Bob: Davey breaks his bike when he disobeys Officer Bob's warning about not riding on the handlebars.

  • The Time Machine & On the Line

    Episode 9

    The Time Machine: Taking imaginary trips in a time machine, Davey and Goliath see that God‘s love transcends time. On the Line: Davey makes a string telephone to show his friends how it‘s possible to talk to God when god is invisible.

  • The Wild Goat & The Winner

    Episode 10

    The Wild Goat: Davey and Goliath rescue a wild goat that was trapped under a heavy tree branch. The Winner: Jealous and envious of his friend Mike, Davey enters a soap box derby