10 Episodes

Follow this group of teenagers as they encounter first crushes, standing up to your parents, finding acceptance, and disabilities. Each of them is in a wheelchair.

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  • Desperados: 101

    Episode 1

    On Charlie's first day, he meets Kyle who's also in a chair, yet exudes a confidence and passion for life. Baggy, the Desperados coach, will have to find more players if they're going to field a team.

  • Desperados: 102

    Episode 2

    Baggy invites Kyle to train with Desperados. Excitement turns to despair when he finds everyone's in a wheelchair, but Charlie's there too and the sessions turns out to be great.

  • Desperados: 103

    Episode 3

    Sam learns to stand up to his over-protective parents and the newly-formed Desperados play their first match of the season but lose badly to the Manchester Maniacs.

  • Desperados: 104

    Episode 4

    Gabby's reluctant to play but annoyed by Charlie, she is goaded into a shoot out. She wins and is persuaded to join the team. They still lose their match, but have a much better game.

  • Desperados: 105

    Episode 5

    Vicky quits Desperados, but on her school trip she realises she's taken her problems with her. She returns, and helps the team to their first victory.

  • Desperados: 106

    Episode 6

    In a desperate bid to salvage his friendship with Charlie, Aidan joins the team. The team faces their toughest match to date and win.

  • Desperados: 107

    Episode 7

    The fantasy life Shelly's concocted to enable her to deal with her real life at home is exposed. The team pulls together to help her, which pays off on the basketball court too.

  • Desperados: 108

    Episode 8

    The playoffs are the highlight of Adam's basketball career, but he can't play because it clashes with his operation. Adam joins the team on their night away prior to the playoffs and causes mayhem.

  • Desperados: 109

    Episode 9

    In the finale, The Desperados cheat at Kyle's instigation. They get caught and the Maniacs declared the winners. When it's discovered the Maniacs cheated too, a replay is arranged.

  • Desperados: 110

    Episode 10

    After Adam's death, the team makes sure they do his memory justice in the replay final. Kyle goes even further, making sure Adam gets to play by persuading Jake to put his ashes in the match ball.