Finding Fido

Finding Fido

6 Episodes

Dog expert, Seth Casteel plays matchmaker to hopeful pet owners-to-be and dogs in need of homes.

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Finding Fido
  • Finding Matt

    Episode 1

    Matt leads a very active lifestyle, and with type 1 diabetes, he'­s hoping Seth will help him track down a dog that could be a potential candidate to become a certified diabetic alert dog.

  • Finding Daane and Marisa

    Episode 2

    Newlyweds Daane and Marisa don't agree when it comes to the perfect dog for their household.

  • Finding The Bell Family

    Episode 3

    Kari is hoping to welcome a small-to-medium sized dog to her family as a playmate for her two sons.

  • Finding Todd

    Episode 4

    Todd hopes Seth can pair him with a canine companion to help manage his multiple sclerosis.

  • Finding The Pleasant Family

    Episode 5

    Chris and Kali are looking for a smaller dog that could be a perfect companion.

  • Finding Roe

    Episode 6

    Roe is looking for an active dog to help her get moving again and connect socially.