Genesis 7

Genesis 7

4 Episodes

The Genesis 7 spacecraft embarks on a year-long exploration of the solar system.

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Genesis 7
  • The Icy World of Uranus

    Episode 1

    After launching probes through Saturn's incredible winds and affirming that the seventh planet has no core, the Genesis 7 crew sets its course on The Icy World of Uranus.

  • The Storms of Jupiter

    Episode 2

    Restless to tackle The Storms of Jupiter, Enoch, Priscilla, and the crew at Genesis Command headquarters breathlessly watch while Donton launches his hand-built hurricane dropsonde into the eye of Jupiter's great red spot.

  • Saturn Ringed World

    Episode 3

    With several successes and near-escapes behind them, the explorers face danger once again when Enoch perilously pilots the craft's wing too close to the surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

  • Blue Neptune

    Episode 4

    Priscilla struggles to grasp the truth of God’s love and the beauty of Blue Neptune as the Genesis 7 crew sets a record for the farthest space mission and a trajectory for the planet’s largest moon, Triton.