Groundling Marsh

Groundling Marsh

2 Seasons

Groundling Marsh is a magical wetland community inhabited by a collection of eccentric puppet characters called Groundlings.

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Groundling Marsh
  • Fungus Amungus

    Episode 1

    Mud/Slinger finds fame making fungus cookies but a marauding swarm of crunchybugs isn't so happy.

  • The Featherbeam

    Episode 2

    Galileo's new pet rainbow-coloured Featherbeam suffers from a mysterious disease.

  • Big Dreams

    Episode 3

    Galileo builds a boat and must overcome his fear of water to sail it to Mount Mumblemoo.

  • Truth and Consequences

    Episode 4

    After Maggie plays a series of practical jokes, no one believes her story of a tree dying of soil erosion.

  • Maggie's Quest

    Episode 5

    Maggie tries to find the magical fenflowers to prove that she's special.

  • Night and Day

    Episode 6

    Maggie and Galileo try to find a cure for mumblemumps by going to Grey Grotty to find red glowberries.

  • Life Before Stacks

    Episode 7

    Eco tells the story of how Stacks came to life.

  • Heat Wave

    Episode 8

    Mud/Slinger's coolerator saves Galileo from heat stroke.

  • Pot of Plenty

    Episode 9

    After breaking the Pot of Plenty, Eco thinks she will forget all her stories.

  • All for One

    Episode 10

    Eco's attempt to be alone goes a little too far - over the edge of a cliff!

  • Flower Power

    Episode 11

    Galileo misunderstands why Maggie can't help eating pickylick flowers.

  • Them Dingling Dozy Daisies

    Episode 12

    Mud/Slinger's windy huffer-puffer machine turns dangerous daisies into dingling doodads.

  • Sticks and Stacks

    Episode 13

    Stacks gets bopped on the noggin and thinks he's a tree.