Groundling Marsh

Groundling Marsh

2 Seasons

Groundling Marsh is a magical wetland community inhabited by a collection of eccentric puppet characters called Groundlings.

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Groundling Marsh
  • Eggs over Easy

    Episode 1

    Galileo is determined to hatch an abandoned egg.

  • Butterfly Day

    Episode 2

    Maggie has to learn self-control in order to spot butterflies.

  • Stinky Pond Mystery

    Episode 3

    Stacks decides not to help when he isn't given the credit he thinks he deserves

  • Galileo's Prank

    Episode 4

    Galileo wants to be Hegdish's friend and so is tempted to pull a nasty prank as asked.

  • Fence Fiasco

    Episode 5

    Hegdish devises an elaborate scheme to avoid sharing

  • Come Blow Your Horn

    Episode 6

    Galileo has the Groundlings running for cover as he practices music for the festival

  • Two Be or Not To Be

    Episode 7

    Mud/Slinger decides being a twosome is gruesome and asks Eco to split them up for good

  • Tupelo Treat

    Episode 8

    Maggie can't wait for her treat and cooks up a disaster when she uses the wrong recipe.

  • Tinkletree Trouble

    Episode 9

    Maggie destroys the Tinkletree Blossoms in an attempt to make Hegdish happy

  • Seahunt

    Episode 10

    Mud/Slinger find themselves lost at sea when they boast they can do anything

  • Make Room For Hegdish

    Episode 11

    Eco finds room in the Marsh for a new, troublesome Groundling

  • Slice of Advice

    Episode 12

    Maggie bets Eco she can't go a day without giving advice

  • Snowjob

    Episode 13

    The season's first snow arrives early and traps Eco and Hegdish alone together