Growing Up McGhee

Growing Up McGhee

2 Seasons

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Following that cliche is what got Ro and Mia McGhee a large family. The couple had been trying to have children for 10 years with no success before they ended up having sextuplets. Now, with six little ones roaming around the house, the McGhees are forced to balance their hectic home life with the demands of running their carpet-cleaning business. As the kids enter their school years, the family experiences such new milestones as learning how to swim and getting a pet. Another obstacle with so many kids in the house: finding private time for Ro and Mia.

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Growing Up McGhee
  • Apple Bruisers and Abusers

    Episode 3

    TV-G. How will Mia handle a day off from school with the sextuplets while Ro is working? She takes the kids to an apple orchard to get some energy out, pick apples then bake a pie. But with 6 kids to one adult, will it be delicious or will Ro come home to a baking disaster?

  • You Just Touched Poop

    Episode 4

    TV-G. It's a season of both tricks and treats for the McGhees! Ro is left to his own devices at the pumpkin patch, then the sextuplets take a shot at carving pumpkins.

  • A Natural Born Band

    Episode 5

    TV-G. With sextuplets, the kids always have built-in playmates, but it's hard to give them the chance to express themselves individually. Mia & Ro want to find out who has an interest in music. The kids are ready to branch out, but are Mia and Ro?

  • It's Thanksgiving, Not Thanks-taking

    Episode 6

    TV-G. November is a busy month for the McGhees: birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, Thanksgiving! Everyone is ready to celebrate, but Madison makes some poor choices and brings the festivities to a halt. Will she redeem herself in time for Turkey Day?

  • Ro and His Crazy Ideas

    Episode 7

    TV-G. It's Christmas time in the McGhee household! Mia and Ro decide the kids need a lesson in giving, so they arrange a secret Santa gift exchange for the family. Keeping secrets isn't easy for six 6-year olds, and neither is buying toys for someone else!

  • I Don't Know if I Want to Laugh or Cry

    Episode 8

    TV-G. Finding a balance in life with six kids is hard and Mia can't remember when she last went out alone. She decides to take some time for herself and have a night out with a girlfriend, while Ro takes the kids to work. The next day they take the kids to an art class> Will the kids create art o...

  • SPECIAL - More Must See Moments

    Episode 9

    TV-G. Special behind the scenes clips of Growing Up McGhee! Withhighlights or never-before-seen footage, bloopers, blunders and a first look at Ro and Mia's wedding vow renewal.

  • Turks and Caicos Here We Come!

    Episode 10

    TV-G. Mia & Ro got married at the courthouse when they were 18 and 19 years old. Well, after 17 years, pack your bags kids, the McGhees are heading to Turks and Caicos for the ultimate destination wedding!

  • Growing Up McGhee | Vow Renewal

    Episode 11

    TV-G. The big day is here! Mia and the girls have a morning of pampering and beautifying, while Ro's Best Boys take him out for the bachelor party he never had! Later, they all gather for an emotion-filled vow renewal to celebrate their love and family!