Half Moon Investigations

Half Moon Investigations

13 Episodes

Follow Half Moon on stakeouts and undercover operations while he fearlessly fights crime and playground thugs with the help of his crime-busting partner, Red Sharkey.

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Half Moon Investigations
  • Red Moon Rising

    Episode 1

    Schoolboy detective, Fletcher 'Half' Moon, is keen to crack his first case, and an unlikely new detective duo is born.

  • Text Bully

    Episode 2

    Hungry for their first proper detecting case, Fletcher Moon and Red are on the trail of a mobile phone thief at St Jerome's who seems determined to drive the school to complete anarchy.

  • Purple Pool

    Episode 3

    A swimming trial is sabotaged, a betting ring busted, and pint-sized private eye, Fletcher Moon is forced to conquer his fear of water.

  • Prefect Imperfect

    Episode 4

    A smudge on a prefect badge leads Moon and his detecting sidekick to expose criminal activity in an unlikely quarter.

  • Ghost Fever

    Episode 5

    What appears to be the ghost of evil old Mr. Pickles is spotted in the creepy disused school science lab but is all what it seems? Can Moon and Red solve this paranormal mystery?

  • The Curse of the Emerald Phoenix

    Episode 6

    The disappearance of a valuable artifact, and an unexpected appearance by 'Half' Moon in the school play just another ordinary day in the life of the schoolboy private investigator.

  • Les Jeunes Etudiantes

    Episode 7

    Red's brother Herod is in trouble again and this time he could be headed into care. Another tricky investigation for 'Half' Moon as the school's zero tolerance on misbehaviour starts to bite.

  • Sick Note

    Episode 8

    Red has to work alone on the latest Moon investigation and ace reporter Mia is temporarily recruited into The Pinks. Mia discovers that being in the gang isn't as appealing as she first thought.

  • President Herod

    Episode 9

    Half Moon and his investigating partner, former bad boy, Red Sharkey try to discover who is behind a particularly nasty and personal smear campaign in the school.

  • The Beiderbeck Tapes

    Episode 10

    Half Moon and Red are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of a missing interview tape and their friend, Mia's, reputation hangs on their success.

  • Moonstruck

    Episode 11

    Moon's judgement is clouded as he goes 'ga ga' over a girl, and St. Jerome's is hit by a fever!

  • A Kind of Magic

    Episode 12

    School talent contestent hopeful, hypnotist Ruby Ray, casts a spell over her colleagues in this latest episode of Half Moon Investigations.

  • School Dance

    Episode 13

    April launches her most dastardly plan yet, but can she really hope to sabotage the school dance without the support of the other Pinks?