Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes

3 Seasons

A hidden camera TV show revealing the goodwill in our world by secretly capturing heroes in action.

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Hidden Heroes
  • Hidden Heroes Everywhere

    Episode 1

    We go undercover to find a Hidden Hero who will console our "bullied teen" when his basketball teammates won't give him a break. With hidden cameras rolling, who will help a big-city dog walker?

  • Help Is On The Way

    Episode 2

    A male ballet dancer is surprised by one of Broadway's best dancers. Our actors play "ruthless teen girls" who bully an innocent girl and try to post embarrassing pictures of her on social media.

  • Surprise Encounters

    Episode 3

    A young mother convinces passers-by to help her carry a stroller up steep steps while her husband talks on his cell phone. Strangers give a young man a water break and help him with his tough job.

  • Face In The Mirror

    Episode 4

    Kids tell us about their experiences with bullies and how to handle them. The Hidden Heroes team heads undercover to see how far people will go to help a stranger with an even stranger accent.

  • Frenemies

    Episode 5

    Our Hidden Heroes team sets up a mission with "daring teen boys" who try to convince their friend to drink eight espresso shots. Will a Hidden Hero stop the peer pressure?

  • Great Expectations

    Episode 6

    Our team goes undercover to find a hidden hero who will confront a group of teenage litterbugs. Will someone stand up for a grocery store clerk who gets bullied on his first day by a customer?

  • Eyes On You

    Episode 7

    Superstars from the band Big Time Rush surprise a group of super fans in Times Square by singing some of their most loved songs including Chicken Soup for the Soul'­s Hidden Heroes theme song.

  • Creature Comforts

    Episode 8

    Celebrity and animal rights advocate Beth Stern rescues a blind and aging dog from a "puppy mill" operation. Will a hidden hero step in when a tween girl forges her mom'­s signature?

  • The Big Picture

    Episode 9

    We send in hidden cameras to see if a stranger will help a senior struggling with technology. Can a hidden hero help an engaged couple take the perfect shot when the photographer gets called away?

  • Orange Ya Gonna Help?

    Episode 10

    Will a hero come to a little girl's rescue when teen sitters become "selfie" obsessed. Will passerbys stop everything to help a pregnant woman when a bag of oranges goes flying?

  • Help Carry the Load

    Episode 11

    We send in hidden cameras to see who will help overloaded legal aides get to court on time. Can a restaurant full of diners assist a young "Romeo" profess his love to his girlfriend?

  • Reaching for the Stars

    Episode 12

    A young man faces his fear of heights by flying through the air on a trapeze. We send in our team with a surprise for a bunch of youngsters at a Little League game.

  • Kindness Comes Back

    Episode 13

    We serve up the surprise of a lifetime to a middle school teacher. A senior gas station attendant tests the patience of his customers. Can a Hero with a hip hop beat rescue a cat stuck in a tree?

  • Cooking Up Confidence

    Episode 14

    Can a very young chef inspire a room full of first time adult cooks. We find out what kids really think about their moms. Can our struggling sign holder get a helping hand?

  • Best Foot Forward

    Episode 15

    This week we revisit some of the season's best stories which were all inspired by the Chicken Soup for the Soul'­s book series.

  • No Job Too Small

    Episode 16

    We send in our hidden cameras to see if these young job seekers will lend a hand before they get the gig. Will a Hero step in to help a stranger in need?

  • Star Power

    Episode 17

    This week we revisit some of the season'­s best stories which were all inspired by the Chicken Soup for the Soul'­s book series.

  • The Greatest Gift

    Episode 18

    Children tell their parents what they really want for their birthday, and it'­s not found in any store. We meet a Hallway Hero who is discovering ways to give happiness to those less fortunate.

  • Follow Your Dream

    Episode 19

    We go undercover to give an extra incentive to aspiring Broadway singers. We meet a young boy born with a physical disability who is running the race of his life and winning!

  • Cosmic Compassion

    Episode 20

    This week we revisit some of the season'­s best stories which were all inspired by the Chicken Soup for the Soul's book series.

  • Mom's the Word

    Episode 21

    We set parents and kids up in a game show that reveals how well they really know each other. Father and daughter team up for a once in a lifetime opportunity to give mom an incredible show.

  • Hungry for Help

    Episode 22

    We sit down over a meal and find out what really feeds a family, but it'­s not on the dinner plate. Meet a young girl whose quick thinking ends up saving the life of a total stranger.

  • Compassion Counts

    Episode 23

    A son takes on his Dad'­s job for the day, and learns a new appreciation for his parent'­s. Understanding what it means to go hungry, a group of kids learn an incredible lesson about others in need.

  • Wheels of Change

    Episode 24

    We meet a group of young people who send hundreds of unwanted bikes half way around the world. A group of school kids learn how to "Unbully."