It's A Miracle

It's A Miracle

4 Seasons

This inspiring reality series chronicles true life-altering stories of encounters, healings and interventions caused by mysterious, uplifting phenomena that defy all plausible explanation. The show's exploration of miracles looks at the mystery of the inexplicable and how it touches individual lives.

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It's A Miracle
  • It's a Miracle: 101

    Episode 1

    Don was shot point blank in the head. Three young girls were swept away by a huge wave. The Australian Coast Guard try to save a man and his family. A baby was adopted regardless of a possible learning disability. A dog rescues a baby from drowning.

  • It's a Miracle: 102

    Episode 2

    A family is awakened to discover their electric menorah is smashed. Within days, a stranger offers Frank a kidney. An experienced pilot went into an accelerated stall and crashed. A woman goes out for a hike and gets lost. A man is down on his luck.

  • It's a Miracle: 103

    Episode 3

    Meghan hit her head and was declared brain dead. Lisa and her brother were caught in an undertow. While hunting Ryan was separated from his father. Kris dreamt of a woman who gave her strict instructions. Donna awoke, startled by a dream involving her son.

  • It's a Miracle: 104

    Episode 4

    During a tornado, Jan almost lost her hand. Ryan's life was threatened by an infection. A girl falls into the Grand Canyon unharmed. Becky has life saving premonitions. Elsa enters witness protection and leaves Robert forever.

  • It's a Miracle: 105

    Episode 5

    A baby is born without signs of life. A woman dreams she will be in a plane crash. Tara leaves notes for her parents that she is with angels. A Cantor befriends a KKK member. A Vietnam vet is struck by lightening and given a rare gift.

  • It's a Miracle: 106

    Episode 6

    Theresa was abducted by a disturbed teenage boy. An LAPD veteran risks his life to rescue a child. A beautiful moment happens at Our Lady of Valley Hill. A tourist is trapped in an underwater cave. A mother and two kids were struck by a drunk driver.

  • It's a Miracle: 107

    Episode 7

    A mother and her three kids are tossed into roaring rapids. A 12 yo boy is bit by a rattlesnake. A man fights for his life trying to save young girls. A woman nearly loses her hand from a tornado. Dan learns incredible facts abput his young life.

  • It's a Miracle: 108

    Episode 8

    Eddie snaps his neck while surfing and becomes paralyzed. Herman meets his soulmate in a concentration camp during WW II. Elizabeth's father-in-law foretold the future in her dream. A psychic connection saves a young girl. A dog searches for injured cats.

  • It's a Miracle: 109

    Episode 9

    A woman falls asleep at the wheel and gets pinned beneath her car. Kenneth's air tank runs out while in a fire. Kim's deceased friend saves her life. A German physician possess the body of a man with no medical training. A drug-addicted baby is adopted.

  • It's a Miracle: 110

    Episode 10

    A cancelled flight changes the lives of two men. A mother and son get trapped under water. Joe must undergo a risky surgery to repair a cracked skull. Harold and Eppie fall in love during a heart disease experiment.

  • It's a Miracle: 111

    Episode 11

    A mysterious neighbor invites Ivy and her family over for Thanksgiving. Josie regains her vision after a tandem parachute jump. Food never stopped flowing Thanksgiving Day of 1986. A couple survived a plane crash and live on to tell their story.

  • It's a Miracle: 112

    Episode 12

    Tim Wuerfel is guided by his angel and saves a young girl from a fire. An explosion puts many passengers at risk while flying through the night. A baby with deformed feet learns to run. An unlikely event brings Cyndi and her crush together.

  • It's a Miracle: 113

    Episode 13

    Due to an accident with her horse, Trisha endures substantial nerve damage. McKay leaves pennies for his mother, to remind her he's always with her. Ben defeats the odds and finds success. Ryan suffers from a deadly infection, will he survive?

  • It's a Miracle: 114

    Episode 14

    A mysterious force kept Robert from getting electricuted. Two strangers meet only to find they have something in common. Lorenzo's dog saves his life while on a routine hike. A rescue swimmer saves a mother and her baby after being thrown overboard.

  • It's a Miracle: 115

    Episode 15

    Rudy mysteriously survives a Moray Eel attack, ninety-feet below the surface. An intelligent cat finds an unknown gas leak and saves the neighborhood. Two nations work together to save one life. Boy Scout Troop 172 save a young girl from an asthma attack.

  • It's a Miracle: 116

    Episode 16

    Frank witnesses a plane crash. A mysterious friend helps bring Julio back from a coma. A pig finds help for her owner after a heart attack. A bag appears just in time to save a woman's life. Dana returns to the skies after a tragic accident.

  • It's a Miracle: 117

    Episode 17

    Debbie goes unconscious while skydiving. A group of women rally together to save a life. Keith is shot in the heads and hangs on to life. A pilot goes into an accelerated stall and crashes. John is left alone in shark infested waters.

  • It's a Miracle: 118

    Episode 18

    A family crashws into a snow bank, left isolated and cold. A woman finds a husband and a kidney donor. A misdial leads to happily ever after. Ronald Williams is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. A story brings a man out of his coma.

  • It's a Miracle: 119

    Episode 19

    Mike and his son only have five days without water to survive. A young man finds himself in an impossible situation. Two best friends find out they have more in common than they thought. A boy loses half his brain and finds a way to live.

  • It's a Miracle: 120

    Episode 20

    George is found to still be alive during his autopsy. A dog uses her special gifts to help children in need. Tina chooses to be an organ donor at the right moment. JoAnne is saved by an unlikely acquaintance.

  • It's a Miracle: 121

    Episode 21

    A gold cross saves a man from lightning. Can a term paper save a life? Kendal wakes up only to come face to face with an intruder and his machine gun. After a crash, a man's back is broken and his head is stuck underwater.

  • It's a Miracle: 122

    Episode 22

    A couple has no way of getting their dying baby across the country. Joy uses her experience to lecture and change lives in prison. Victoria and Gary find a potential cure for Autism. A cat's love for her owner's new baby, saves the childs life.