Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

It's a Miracle: 101

It's A Miracle, Season 1, Episode 1 • 43m

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  • It's a Miracle: 102

    A family is awakened to discover their electric menorah is smashed. Within days, a stranger offers Frank a kidney. An experienced pilot went into an accelerated stall and crashed. A woman goes out for a hike and gets lost. A man is down on his luck.

  • It's a Miracle: 103

    Meghan hit her head and was declared brain dead. Lisa and her brother were caught in an undertow. While hunting Ryan was separated from his father. Kris dreamt of a woman who gave her strict instructions. Donna awoke, startled by a dream involving her son.

  • It's a Miracle: 104

    During a tornado, Jan almost lost her hand. Ryan's life was threatened by an infection. A girl falls into the Grand Canyon unharmed. Becky has life saving premonitions. Elsa enters witness protection and leaves Robert forever.