Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

It's a Miracle: 103

It's A Miracle, Season 1, Episode 3 • 43m

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    During a tornado, Jan almost lost her hand. Ryan's life was threatened by an infection. A girl falls into the Grand Canyon unharmed. Becky has life saving premonitions. Elsa enters witness protection and leaves Robert forever.

  • It's a Miracle: 105

    A baby is born without signs of life. A woman dreams she will be in a plane crash. Tara leaves notes for her parents that she is with angels. A Cantor befriends a KKK member. A Vietnam vet is struck by lightening and given a rare gift.

  • It's a Miracle: 106

    Theresa was abducted by a disturbed teenage boy. An LAPD veteran risks his life to rescue a child. A beautiful moment happens at Our Lady of Valley Hill. A tourist is trapped in an underwater cave. A mother and two kids were struck by a drunk driver.