It's A Miracle

It's A Miracle

4 Seasons

This inspiring reality series chronicles true life-altering stories of encounters, healings and interventions caused by mysterious, uplifting phenomena that defy all plausible explanation. The show's exploration of miracles looks at the mystery of the inexplicable and how it touches individual lives.

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It's A Miracle
  • It's a Miracle: 201

    Episode 1

    A little girl's persistence saves an injured man. Toni and John looked for a miracle to save their dog. Henry dies and comes back to life during surgery. Heather finds out her long lost grandfather works at her high school.

  • It's a Miracle: 202

    Episode 2

    Dana's adoption was a two way street miracle. Dick slips under the ice to save his expensive hobby boat. A boy is crushed under 1,000 pounds of hay. A paramedic helps deliver a difficult birth on the shoulder of a bypass.

  • It's a Miracle: 203

    Episode 3

    A bucking horse leads to an early diagnosis for Pam. Jill misses the turn to her mothers house and wakes a family whose house caught on fire. A miraculous friends gives John artifical legs. A family's tragedy brings new joy.

  • It's a Miracle: 204

    Episode 4

    An abandoned and injured puppy helps bring justice. Every Saturday, Bill works to turn troubled teens lives around. Katie's naptime prayer request may have saved her life. Two families come together and change each others lives.

  • It's a Miracle: 205

    Episode 5

    A man sets out to build his family a home to live in once he is gone. A lovable cat saved his owners' lives. A family regains a special gift they thought they'd never see again. His daughter's persistence saved Randy's life.

  • It's a Miracle: 206

    Episode 6

    Michael's hunting dog dragged him through the woods to save his life. Thora dreamed of having an older brother, and it came true. A woman is pressured to take her husband off life support. A mother anxiously awaits her daughters late night return.

  • It's a Miracle: 207

    Episode 7

    Cesar must find evidence to prove he was wrongfully convicted. A trip for Christmas break brings someone back from the past. Donald gets run over by a bull and an unlikely friend helps him. Johnny crashes his motorcycle which leads to a successful future.

  • It's a Miracle: 208

    Episode 8

    Katherine nearly loses her life, twenty feet underwater. Although Kevin's grandfather had passed, he still had a large impact on Kevin's future. A father's devotion kick started his daughter's improvement. A woman befriends a neighborhood dog.

  • It's a Miracle: 209

    Episode 9

    A stranger saves Heather from a potentially fatal accident. A woman has an incredible near death experience. The Olympic torch was the beginning of a courageous journey for Kelly. A simple thank-you note ends up being a life saver.

  • It's a Miracle: 210

    Episode 10

    A stranger brought a happy Thanksgiving to Isaac and his family. The post office brings together two long lost siblings. Stephanie suffered for many months before she started to get better. A mysterious woman hosts a woman and her family for Thanksgiving.

  • It's a Miracle: 211

    Episode 11

    Joshua's deceased father warns him to save his brother. Sharon gains a wonderful mother-in-law through a chain of events. A family dog was lost and found 18 months later. A high school athlete finds strength and healing at home.

  • It's a Miracle: 212

    Episode 12

    From a best-selling book comes a well known stone angel. A woman nearly loses her arm during a tornado. An adopted cat is the only one who knew her master needed help. A man struggles to survive as he is swept underwater.

  • It's a Miracle: 213

    Episode 13

    Their journey to America would be unforgetable. Leslie was able to give his wife and two sons the best Christmas present ever. A mothers passing brings her grieving daughter love. Navy Seals make a dramatic "house call" to save a life.

  • It's a Miracle: 214

    Episode 14

    A deceased mother finds a mysterious way to reconnect with her children in Ireland. "The miracle man" saves a man dying from liver failure. Reginald and Maggie donate their sons organs to help many others.

  • It's a Miracle: 215

    Episode 15

    Amy Maxwell fights for her life in the back of a trunk. A pig risks her life to rescue her best friend from a shed fire. Suffering from sever cerebral palsy, Jeffery makes a name for himself. Fishermen find themsevles caught in eight-foot swells.

  • It's a Miracle: 216

    Episode 16

    Ernest is reunited with his brother after losing him in Auschwitz. A personal ad brings love to Azriela due to mysterious circumstances. One family from China found “angels on the internet” that saved their son’s life.

  • It's a Miracle: 217

    Episode 17

    One family found angels on the internet that saved their son's life. Joel survived what could have been a very devastating accident. Two women both stricken with cancer overcome the odds! Life was perfect until Lynn had bone-marrow cancer.

  • It's a Miracle: 218

    Episode 18

    Their only hope was to seek help, but the blizzard proved to be much too daunting. They thought they'd never find Blackey again, but miraculously, they would come upon him miles away. A man loses everything to drugs. An avid surfer almost loses his life.

  • It's a Miracle: 219

    Episode 19

    Within minutes of her pulse returning, the injuries disappeared. A victim is responsible for his attackers re-capture. A family heirloom finds its way back after 30 years. Abe and Mary decide to try to create a donor by conceiving another child.

  • It's a Miracle: 220

    Episode 20

    Lori Dalton experiences a rare and life-threatening birth. A new doctor steps up to the plate and agrees to perform a surgery that would give a young boy back his life. A routine shopping trip turns into a life and death situation.

  • It's a Miracle: 221

    Episode 21

    A young boy plus a well equals a tragedy waiting to happen. Lightning strikes and one woman's life is changed forever. One boy finds refuge in the letters from his American Pen Pal.

  • It's a Miracle: 222

    Episode 22

    A father leads a man and his son on a road to self-discovery. An 82 yo man is knocked overboard. A young mother discovers she has cancer.

  • It's a Miracle: 223

    Episode 23

    On Christmas Eve, a tornado tears one family's house into shreds. A miracle saves a 7 yo boy. A rose grows in snow in the dead of winter and is used for a miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 224

    Episode 24

    River rapids bring a woman to stare death in the face. A pregnant woman goes into premature labor while driving home.