It's A Miracle

It's A Miracle

4 Seasons

This inspiring reality series chronicles true life-altering stories of encounters, healings and interventions caused by mysterious, uplifting phenomena that defy all plausible explanation. The show's exploration of miracles looks at the mystery of the inexplicable and how it touches individual lives.

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It's A Miracle
  • It's a Miracle: 401

    Episode 1

    A special It's a Miracle, deals with stories of children and the miracles in their lives, this and more on It's a Miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 402

    Episode 2

    A special It's a Miracle focuses on escapes from death, real people and the miracles around them, this and more on It's a Miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 403

    Episode 3

    A story that puts two men against nature, a dream so real and so vivid the understanding would change one woman's life forever, this and more on It's a Miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 404

    Episode 4

    From Vietnam in the height of the war to a remote Canadian Lake in the dead of winter, this and more on It's a Miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 405

    Episode 5

    A family takes a ski trip to the Colorado mountains when pure terror strikes, this and more on It's a Miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 406

    Episode 6

    Our lives interconnect in unusual ways that can bring about miracles. Witness how friends, family members, and strangers can play a key role in someone's fate, which in some cases, can be life or death.

  • It's a Miracle: 407

    Episode 7

    If you have ever doubted that our lives can be transformed by the love and compassion of another person, then the stories in his episode of It's a Miracle will change your mind.

  • It's a Miracle: 408

    Episode 8

    The focus of this episode of It's a Miracle is beating all odds. In each of these stories people face odds so beyond the realm of possibility that beating them would require a miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 409

    Episode 9

    When something tragic happens to a child it touches us very deeply and when circumstances combine to save that child from suffering it can truly seem miraculous.

  • It's a Miracle: 410

    Episode 10

    In this special edition of It's a Miracle, Richard Thomas reviews some of his favorite miracles from over the past few seasons. In these stories we see the way that miracles can touch someone's heart and change their lives forever.

  • It's a Miracle: 411

    Episode 11

    Many people find themselves in desperate life threading situations every day, but luckily the people in these stories find miraculous rescue through amazing events and a touch of divine intervention.

  • It's a Miracle: 412

    Episode 12

    From Jordan to Australia, witness the miracles that happen across the world and how human compassion and kindness can inspire and lead to miraculous events.

  • It's a Miracle: 413

    Episode 13

    During this special holiday episode, meet the people who received miracles and divine intervention as their Christmas presents in stories of comfort, hope, and reunion.

  • It's a Miracle: 415

    Episode 14

    If the odds for lightning striking twice in the same place are astronomical, think of how a miracle striking twice in the same place must be! Meet the people who have experienced double miracles in their lives and how truly remarkable their stories are.

  • It's a Miracle: 416

    Episode 15

    These stories can easily be dedicated to St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost Things. Each of these stories involves something lost that eventually is found, including one precious item that was lost for almost 70 years.

  • It's a Miracle: 417

    Episode 16

    Is love is powerful enough to perform miracles? The people in these stories would answer with an enthusiastic "Yes!" Witness the stories of how love miraculously brings people together, in sometimes the most unexpected ways.

  • It's a Miracle: 418

    Episode 17

    Take to the skies for what can only be described as mid-air miracles. On each of the flights in these stories, something unexpected happens that the people on board will never forget.

  • It's a Miracle: 419

    Episode 18

    Sometimes a story can be so filled with humanity that it is simply overwhelming. In these stories witness the mysterious forces that bring people together in ways that can only be described as a Miracle.

  • It's a Miracle: 420

    Episode 19

    Miracles occur everywhere. In this special edition of It's a Miracle, observe the miracles that take place on the high seas.

  • It's a Miracle: 421

    Episode 20

    To overcome any potentially fatal illness is a miracle, but in this case the miracle lives on and on in stories of faith, hope, and love.

  • It's a Miracle: 422

    Episode 21

    These stories will have you questioning if there is a link between the living and the dead, for the people in these stories would argue that angels are very real, bringing protection and messages to people on Earth.

  • It's a Miracle: 423

    Episode 22

    Meet people from all over the world from Brazil to Italy to Australia that have personally experienced a miracle and how these miracles have affected them to this very day.

  • It's a Miracle: 424

    Episode 23

    These stories all have one thing in common, the unexpected. That's the beauty of a miracle, that its mysteriousness defies explanation.

  • It's a Miracle: 425

    Episode 24

    Thousands of families find a place to stay in places like the Ronald McDonald House, as they face the biggest challenge of their lives, a child fighting a life threatening illness. Hope is not lost because in times like these, miracles really can happen.