Junior's Giants

Junior's Giants

3 Episodes

Junior’s Giants is a humorous and uplifting series that is entertaining and great to watch as a family. Using imaginative storytelling and unique characters to introduce biblical themes to young audiences, this three DVD set follows the spiky-haired Junior Anderson as he learns moral lessons and conquers his giants with the help of family, friends, prayer, and Scripture.

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Junior's Giants
  • Anger's Everywhere

    Episode 1

    Angers Everywhere. Junior Anderson is a smart elementary school student with wit, imagination and a comically whimsical Christian family. Laugh and learn as Junior wages battle against his temper and an angry giant named Tude.

  • Envy Thou Not

    Episode 2

    Envy Thou Not. Join Junior Anderson as he battles a new giant – a gadget wielding materialistic robot named Rotomon.

  • Nothing But The Truth

    Episode 3

    Nothing But The Truth. Junior Anderson wages battle against a giant crocodile lawyer named Lyle Little, Esquire. Lyle teaches Junior that the best way out of a lie is to lie a little more. His terrible advice sends Junior on a cross-country road trip