Last Hope with Troy Dunn

  • Last Hope with Troy Dunn

    1 season

    Motivational speaker and author Troy Dunn searches for missing people in this series, hoping to track down long-lost loved ones and set up inspirational reunions. Dunn uses technology and social media combined with old-fashioned detective work to find the "unfindable" and ultimately repair broken...

  • Family Is Everything

    David was adopted at birth and grew up in a happy home. After suffering a car wreck and being faced with the reality of death, he longs to meet his biological mother.

  • World Upside Down

    Roy was 4 when his father shot his pregnant mother. His mother and the baby survived, but she was unable to raise a second child. Can Troy help Roy find his brother?

  • A Daughter Remembers

    Jasmine always thought that her mother walked out on her, leaving her to be raised by an abusive father and eventually foster parents. Jasmine turns to Troy for answers.

  • Shattered

    In 1966, police discovered Rick and his two sisters locked in a rat infested kitchen, malnourished and unclothed. Almost 50 years later, Rick has asked Troy to help him find his sisters.

  • Sins of the Father

    When Renee was a little girl, her parents divorced and since then, she’s only seen her father once. But now that she’s an adult, she’s desperate to find her father.

  • A Mother’s Lies

    As a child, Amanda was abused by her mother’s many boyfriends, one of whom she was told was her father. Now that she knows the truth, she's searching for her real dad.

  • Our Secret Brother

    Meet Debra and Gary who, as teenagers, gave their baby boy up for adoption. Now married to each other with 2 daughters, they're all in search of the missing family member.

  • A Dream for My Mother

    When Pam was 5, she was found wandering the streets of Kentucky, and her infant brother Danny alone in his crib. Thirty years later, Pam still aches to find her brother.

  • He’s My Brother

    Bonnie and Aaron suffered neglect at the hands of their alcoholic mother. Bonnie left home as a teen, broken by her addictions. Now sober, Bonnie is searching for her brother.

  • The Third Side

    Charles left his two children to be an actor. He later had two more children, Rick and Lisa. Since his passing, Rick is continuing his dad's search for his first born kids.