Magic Hour

Magic Hour

7 Episodes

A series of made for TV movies.

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Magic Hour
  • Dark Horse

    Episode 1

    A young woman learns to ride an unpredictable dressage horse all the way to the Olympics.

  • High Country

    Episode 2

    Young Jennifer McPhail has spent her summer holidays working for her estranged father as a Junior Game Warden in Jasper National Park. Her summer has brought her closer to her father and her beloved mountain wilderness. Summer has also brought her love in the shape of mountain guide, Chris Ryan. ...

  • Lost in the Barrens

    Episode 3

    An orphaned teen and a young tribal hunter get lost in the wilderness.

  • Pray for Me, Paul Henderson

    Episode 4

    Four high school misfits decide to beat the odds and win a teen quiz show.

  • Rookies
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Small town dreams can quickly turn to nightmares when faced with the reality of big league competition. Corey Dyson takes big risks on the ice, but he may face his biggest danger off the ice.

  • The Fighter

    Episode 6

    Boxer Tommy Mills had everything going for him until another fighter lands a lucky punch that leaves Tommy blind. With the help of his wife, Tommy learns to find success in training another young boxer in "The Fighter."

  • The Prom
    Episode 7

    The Prom

    Episode 7

    A teenage girl and her blind date find nothing but trouble on their way to the high school prom.