6 Episodes

Filming with 999 responders, emergency paramedics and their patients, this is the story of the men and women of the HSE National Ambulance Service. Viewer Discretion Advised. TV-14

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  • Help
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Witness frontline paramedics treat multiple heroin overdoses, meet first responders who handle thousands of panicked 999 calls for help every day. Viewer Discretion Advised. TV-14

  • Driving Me Crazy

    Episode 2

    A cyclist is knocked down on her way to work, and a teen is hit by a car crossing the road. See firsthand how ambulance crews react to the most vulnerable of road users.Viewer Discretion Advised.TV-14

  • Child's Play

    Episode 3

    Witness what it takes to deal with the youngest of patients: sick and injured children; and how a teen's half-time tackle results in a serious injury. Viewer Discretion Advised. TV-14

  • Deep Breath

    Episode 4

    Chest pains or cardiac arrest, see how a fast reaction to a heart attack is life or death. See the reality of drug abuse in Ireland in back-to-back heroin overdoses. Viewer Discretion Advised. TV-14

  • Fall from Grace

    Episode 5

    See what it takes to convince a woman who suffers an epileptic seizure to seek help, and witness how quickly emergency calls change when a man collapses by the road. Viewer Discretion Advised. TV-14

  • Live, Love and Loss

    Episode 6

    What happens when a good night is ruined by one drink too many? Witness how inhibitions are lost and injuries mount on a night of alcohol-related 999 calls. Viewer Discretion Advised. TV-14