Testament: The Bible in Animation

Testament: The Bible in Animation

9 Episodes

Stories from the Bible are interpreted in different styles of animation.

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Testament: The Bible in Animation
  • Moses

    Episode 1

    The tale of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, thwarting the pharoah's wrath in order to search for a land flowing with milk and honey. TV-PG

  • Ruth
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Working in the fields of Bethlehem to feed herself and Naomi, Ruth finds her feelings for Boaz run deeper than gratitude. Touched, Boaz challenges the claim of a closer relative for Ruth's hand. TV-PG

  • Jonah

    Episode 3

    When Jonah’s refusal to preach the word of the Lord leads to him being heaved overboard and swallowed by a whale, God’s patience and humor lead Jonah to understand the meaning of mercy. TV-PG-V

  • Elijah

    Episode 4

    Alone in bringing people to the true God, Elijah had to prove that the prophets of Baal were false, incurring the wrath of Queen Jezebel and her weak husband Ahab. TV-PG-V

  • Creation and the Flood

    Episode 5

    When the flood comes, Noah and his family begin life in the ark he has built. As the storm rages outside, Noah weaves the tale of Adam, Eve, God and the serpent through dark days on the water. TV-PG

  • Abraham

    Episode 6

    Overjoyed at the birth of his son Isaac, Abraham cannot believe when God commands him to sacrifice his son. TV-PG

  • Joseph

    Episode 7

    After being sold as a slave, Joseph offends the wife of his owner, spending a long time in jail. After helping the Pharaoh interpret his dreams, Joseph becomes ruler of the land. TV-PG-V

  • Daniel

    Episode 8

    Held captive under Babylonian kings, Daniel was appointed governor, provoking great jealousy among the court advisers. Divine love enters the lion’s den with Daniel, and he emerges victorious. TV-PG

  • David and Saul

    Episode 9

    As David grew up, his skills as a great warrior struck envy into the heart of the mighty King Saul. As Saul grew increasingly desperate, God’s destiny unfolded, leading David to his throne. TV-PG-V