The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures

10 Episodes

A country mouse and her cousin from the city travel around the world.

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The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures
  • The Mystery of the Mouse Pharaoh's Tomb

    Episode 1

    On an archaeological expedition, Eamily and Alexander search for the tomb of a mouse Pharaoh.

  • The Mous-o-taur

    Episode 2

    Who is taking priceless objects from a excavation site? It's up to Emily and Alexander to solve the mystery.

  • The Ghost of Castle MacKenzie

    Episode 3

    Emily and Alexander search for a fortune in gold in a castle that may be haunted.

  • Zeppelins Away

    Episode 4

    The skies are anything but friendly when Emily and Alexander discover a plot to sabotage a zeppelin.

  • The Mouse-tache Marauder

    Episode 5

    Someone has drawn a mustache on the Mona Lisa! Emily and Alexander search the Louvre Museum for clues to find the dirty rat who is defacing priceless works of art!

  • Adventure on the Orient Express

    Episode 6

    All aboard for a high-class mystery as Emily and Alexander try to discover who is stealing jewels from the passengers aboard the famed Orient Express train.

  • The Case of the Disappearing Diamond

    Episode 7

    Is there a ghost on the loose in the Tower of London? That's what Emily and Alexander are afraid of when a diamond is stolen from Queen Victoria's crown.

  • A Mouse-Vellous Treasure Hunt

    Episode 8

    Emily and Alexander set sail to help their cousin find a sunken ship and foil mean Barton McScavenger's attempts to steal its treasure.

  • Imperial Mice of China

    Episode 9

    Emily and Alexander smell a rat when they learn that the royal mouse emperor has been kidnapped.

  • Arabian Tails

    Episode 10

    In this spellbinding episode, Alexander is accidentally hypnotized, and walks into the desert in search of a lost oasis.