The Enid Blyton Adventure Series

The Enid Blyton Adventure Series

24 Episodes

Rated TV-PG. Based on the works of author Enid Blyton.

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The Enid Blyton Adventure Series
  • The Island of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 1

    Rated TV-PG. When they discover their guardian is sick, Jack and Lucy-Ann accept Philip's offer to spend the rest of the holiday at his new cliff top home in Cornwall. There they meet Joe, a friendly man who helps Philip's widowed mother Allison, at her Art Gallery, and Philip's sister, Dinah. Bu...

  • The Island of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 2

    Rated TV-PG. After finding an old smugglers' tunnel while exploring, the boys fall into it and are unable to climb out. When they follow the length of the tunnel they discover stairs which lead to Craggy Tops' cellar. After Allison is befriended by the mysterious stranger, BIll, he offers to take...

  • The Island of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 3

    Rated TV-PG. The day after their boat trip, the children 'borrow' Joe's boat and re-trace the route BIll took the previous day to the Island of Gloom. While there, Kiki accidentally leads them to a disused mine shaft. But while exploring, the children discover Jake and two workers printing counte...

  • The Woods of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 4

    Rated TV-PG. The holidays are drawing to a close. Jack and Lucy-Ann have to return to their Uncle, but they don't want to go. The children decide to camp in the garden. Jack hears the call of an owl and persuades the others to go with him into the woods to see it. But while searching for the owl,...

  • The Woods of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 5

    Rated TV-PG. After Bill arrives, Dinah questions what he really does for a living, suspecting that he might be a secret agent. The children slip away to look at the Castle again. But this time they are chased by an unseen malevolent force. In their panic to escape, Kiki gets lost and Jack refuses...

  • The Woods of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 6

    Rated TV-PG. After Philip seeks the help of Bill and Allison, the children find their way through a turret window and continue their search for Kiki. But they soon discover that something strange is going on in this castle. And they are determined to find the answer to so many mysterious questions.

  • The Valley of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 7

    Rated TV-PG. Bill has arranged for a long weekend flying trip to Scotland. But while the children wait on the plane, criminals, Tel and Ivan, with the kidnapped Otto Scheer, arrive at the aerodrome and steal the plane, unaware of the children crouched fearfully behind the seats.

  • The Valley of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 8

    Rated TV-PG. After landing in an isolated valley, the children escape from the plane and find a barn to rest in. Tel and Ivan notice the sleeping bags missing and go in search of their unknown passengers.

  • The Valley of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 9

    Rated TV-PG. Captured by Tel and Ivan, Jack befriends Otto and the two work together to escape and find the treasure before Tel and Ivan do. Meanwhile a panicked Allison fears for her children and Bill plans a rescue mission. But can he put it into effect in time?

  • The Sea of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 10

    Rated TV-PG. The family have arrived in New Zealand. They are met by Bill's friend and colleague - Dennis who needs Bill's help to solve the mystery of a missing agent who was investigating a villain, Perez. Bill's not interested but finds himself involved anyway. Perez has his sidekick, install ...

  • The Sea of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 11

    Rated TV-PG. Bill and the children arrive on Penguin Island. While Bill goes fishing to secure an evening meal, the children decide to explore, enthralled with the notion of living in the wild. But they don't notice the strange, wild-haired man watching them, Te Ariki, who they soon befriend. Mea...

  • The Sea of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 12

    Rated TV-PG. Horace Tipperlong arrives at Penguin Island in his little boat to see the penguins. But the children, suspecting he is involved with the disappearance of BiIll, steal his boat and set off to rescue Bill. Allison, having failed to reach Bill on his mobile phone, is getting very concer...

  • The Mountain of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 13

    Rated TV-PG. The family goes to Germany. Allison is going to paint while Bill works and the children go on a pony trek with Hans. When ponies are frightened away at their camp, Hans rides off in pursuit but is knocked off the horse and lies unconscious. All their supplies were on the ponies so th...

  • The Mountain of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 14

    Rated TV-PG. Unaware of the children's plight, Bill proposes marriage to Allison and she accepts. But her happiness is clouded as the children fail to turn up when they should. A search is impossible until morning, the mist is too thick. While wandering in the foothills, the children see Alexai b...

  • The Mountain of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 15

    Rated TV-PG. After attempting to rescue Philip from the Mountain, the children try to escape and discover the anti-gravity cavern. Bill and Allison are in their car when the Mountain rumbles. When Bill sees a helicopter landing he decides to interrogate the pilot. The guards have discovered that ...

  • The Ship of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 16

    Rated TV-PG. Bill and Allison are going on a cruise around the Channel Islands for their honeymoon. But Sir George orders Bill to drop everything in order to get on the trail of Slade - a villain. Allison is devastated. The children suggest that they go on the cruise with her instead. But when Lu...

  • The Ship of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 17

    Rated TV-PG. Slade arrives on the ship in disguise as a guest called Eppy with his son, Lucas, in an attempt to befriend the children. Lucas gives Jack a belated birthday present. Slade and Igor continue to try and steal the Galley and after the bottle falls to the floor and breaks, Jack discover...

  • The Ship of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 18

    Rated TV-PG. The children continue the search to find where the map leads, with Slade and Igor in close pursuit. After getting a message from home, Allison discovers that she has been tricked. Bill arrives at the ship and searches for clues as to the children whereabouts. In a packet of developed...

  • The River of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 19

    Rated TV-PG. The family are going on a boating holiday in Turkey. Bill once again gets a phone call from Sir George at the last minute. But this time he is asked to find information on a small-time blundering criminal called Uma. At the hotel in Turkey they meet a boy called Oola, the badly treat...

  • The River of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 20

    Rated TV-PG. After discovering Oola on board, the children invite him to stay. Bill returns with bad news - the holiday is cancelled. But the kids persuade Bill to stay another day so they can explore the sights along the river, the Temple of Dreams and the Temple of Death. The kids are shocked w...

  • The River of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 21

    Rated TV-PG. Bill and Allison have been kidnapped by Uma. After retreating into a cave, the children realize they are in the Temple of Death. They find the inner tomb of the Temple and discover the Zero One, which could threaten the world. When Uma arrives he is shocked to find the Zero One missi...

  • The Circus of Adventure: Part 1

    Episode 22

    Rated TV-PG. The children are looking forward to going on holiday with Bill and Allison, but Bill is instructed by Sir George to guard the future prince of Tauri-Hessia. Unknown to Bill, his car has been fitted with a tracking device by a man working for the sinister Madame Tatiosa, the wife of t...

  • The Circus of Adventure: Part 2

    Episode 23

    Rated TV-PG. After stowing away in the boot of one of the cars with Kiki, Jack is taken to an airfield where he manages to hide in the cargo hold of their helicopter. Meanwhile, Bill and Allison attempt to escape from their bonds. On arrival in Tauri-Hessia, Jack and Kiki are pursued by Jones. Th...

  • The Circus of Adventure: Part 3

    Episode 24

    Rated TV-PG. After finding his way to the Castle and discovering the heavy lock on the dungeon door, Jack leaves with the promises the others of returning with help. He returns to the circus to enlist the help of his newfound friend, Pedro. Meanwhile, the King is captured and taken to Borkin Cast...