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Watch this video and more on UP Faith and Family

Up Next in The Enid Blyton Adventure Series - Season 1

  • The River of Adventure: Part 2

    Rated TV-PG. After discovering Oola on board, the children invite him to stay. Bill returns with bad news - the holiday is cancelled. But the kids persuade Bill to stay another day so they can explore the sights along the river, the Temple of Dreams and the Temple of Death. The kids are shocked w...

  • The River of Adventure: Part 3

    Rated TV-PG. Bill and Allison have been kidnapped by Uma. After retreating into a cave, the children realize they are in the Temple of Death. They find the inner tomb of the Temple and discover the Zero One, which could threaten the world. When Uma arrives he is shocked to find the Zero One missi...

  • The Circus of Adventure: Part 1

    Rated TV-PG. The children are looking forward to going on holiday with Bill and Allison, but Bill is instructed by Sir George to guard the future prince of Tauri-Hessia. Unknown to Bill, his car has been fitted with a tracking device by a man working for the sinister Madame Tatiosa, the wife of t...