The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys

13 Episodes

The Hardy Boys are brothers who work together as a crack team of super sleuths.

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The Hardy Boys
  • Jazzman

    Episode 1

    Frank and Joe's search for a missing bridegroom leads them into a forgotten world of fifties' jazz and gangland murder.

  • All That Glitters

    Episode 2

    Joe's infatuation with a mysterious young woman involves the boys with an ancient treasure.

  • Smart Drugs, Stupid Mistakes

    Episode 3

    A stolen disk drive leads Frank and Joe into the high-tech world of industrial espionage.

  • A Perfect Stranger

    Episode 4

    A chance meeting with a young woman propels Frank and Joe into a story of mis-matched love.

  • Play Ball

    Episode 5

    Frank and Joe investigate an attempt to ruin an athlete's reputataion.

  • The Curse

    Episode 6

    Frank and Joe investigate the mysterious relationship between a psychic and a CEO.

  • Say Cheese

    Episode 7

    A photograph is the essential clue in a case of blackmail and political corruption.

  • R.I.P.

    Episode 8

    A stolen locket leads the Hardy Boys into the dark worlds of grave-robbing and murder.

  • Telling Lies

    Episode 9

    A young boy's imagination provides Frank and Joe with the clues to solving a six year old robbery.

  • The Debt Collectors

    Episode 10

    A summer job heats up when the house Joe is sitting is invaded by two alarmingly inexperienced debt collectors.

  • Love Birds

    Episode 11

    Joe's purchase of a rare bird entangles the boys in a web of international intrigue.

  • The Last Laugh

    Episode 12

    Together in Paris, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew join forces to recover stolen plates.

  • No Dice

    Episode 13

    Driving in the south of France, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew find a clue in a car wreck.