The Inspectors

The Inspectors

2 Seasons

Season 2 available now! Set in Washington, D.C., Preston Wainwright, a teenager who doesn't let the paralysis he incurred in a car accident hold him back, solves crimes with his postal inspector mother, Amanda. TV-PG

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The Inspectors
  • Veronica Returns

    Episode 1

    Veronica returns from studying abroad; Amanda and Mitch investigate a string of post office robberies. TV-PG

  • Casey Gets Pinned

    Episode 2

    When Prestonís friend on the wrestling team gets caught using steroids, The Inspectors try to find the distributor. TV-PG

  • Sweater for Phil

    Episode 3

    Noah has a crush on an older girl; Amanda and her team track down a skeleton key that is used to rob P.O. mailboxes. TV-PG

  • The Art of Stand-Up

    Episode 4

    Preston tries his hand at stand-up comedy; Amanda and Mitch investigate impression forgery on paintings. TV-PG

  • The One That Got Away

    Episode 5

    Preston starts his physical therapy group; Noah confronts his crushís boyfriend; a criminal harasses Amanda. TV-PG

  • The Great Postal Truck Robbery

    Episode 6

    A female football player isnít allowed to join the JU team; a group is attacking postal trucks and stealing packages. TV-PG

  • Dangerous Delivery

    Episode 7

    Veronica crashes Noahís car; Amanda and Mitch investigate a string of threatening letters. TV-PG

  • The Return of Ronnie

    Episode 8

    A photographer unethically manipulates photos; a scammer returns and The Inspectors have to put him back behind bars. TV-PG

  • Wedding Bell Blues

    Episode 9

    Preston gets protective when Amanda goes out on a date; Mitch and Amanda investigate a fake wedding planner business. TV-PG

  • Faking It

    Episode 10

    Preston poses as Veronicaís boyfriend; Cynthia Ren returns to go undercover for Mitch and Amanda. TV-PG

  • Mistaken Identities

    Episode 11

    Robberies at postal facilities are filmed and the suspect appears to be a homeless man. When apprehended Mitch and Amanda learn he's a front for the actual criminal. TV-PG

  • Man Overboard

    Episode 12

    Amanda and Mitch investigate the increasing number of counterfeit money orders, but their chief suspect is supposedly dead. TV-PG

  • The Bus Stops Here

    Episode 13

    Mitch and Amanda investigate a counterfeit postal money order scam; Preston runs for Student Body President. TV-PG

  • Bribe and Prejudice

    Episode 14

    Mitch and Amanda catch on to an insurance scam; Prestonís first girlfriend comes back to visit. TV-PG

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Episode 15

    Letter carrier Franklin is stopped by two men stealing from a jewelry store; Preston does a report on a recluse writer. TV-PG

  • Spring Break

    Episode 16

    Mitch and Amanda work a timeshare scam case; the gang tries to find the Jamestown Bell after it was stolen from campus. TV-PG

  • Birds Eye View

    Episode 17

    A scammer uses impressions to get free game used bats from Major League Baseball; itís Spring Break at JU. TV-PG

  • It's a Wash

    Episode 18

    A Cacique is smuggled into the US; Noah sprains his ankles; Preston learns he will most likely never walk again. TV-PG

  • Trial by Error

    Episode 19

    A woman has a boyfriend pen pal in prison who has been using her to cash counterfeit money orders. TV-PG

  • Meds in the Mail

    Episode 20

    A construction company is receiving threatening letters for building on a site that is filled with old trees. TV-PG

  • Failure to Render

    Episode 21

    In this look back of Season 2, we examine two cases that involve medicine in the mail. TV-PG

  • A Friend You Know

    Episode 22

    In this look back of Season 2, we examine two cases that involve "failure to render" scams. TV-PG

  • Major Decisions

    Episode 23

    Amanda and Mitch seize a flash drive of a list of victims cat-fished by a scammer, and one name stands out: Veronica. TV-PG

  • It's Complicated

    Episode 24

    Jamestown Universityís bookstore receives phony invoices for textbooks; Preston and his friends choose their majors. TV-PG