The Locator

The Locator

3 Seasons

Get out your handkerchiefs as investigator Troy Dunn moves Heaven and Earth to reunite clients with loved ones who have lost touch over the years.

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The Locator
  • A Daughter's Promise

    Episode 1

    Holly desperately wants to find her half brother not just for herself, but for her Mother, Carol.

  • The Dad Who Didn't Know

    Episode 2

    Patti attempts to reunite her 25-year-old son, Chad, with his father, Dean.

  • A Dying Father's Amends

    Episode 3

    For as long as Nicole can remember, her father has been searching for his first-born son.

  • A Daughter's Mission

    Episode 4

    As soon as Alexia turned 18, she began her mission to find her father.

  • A Brother Reaches Out

    Episode 5

    Scott had a very happy upbringing so he was shocked to discover that he had a long-lost brother.

  • A Dying Wish

    Episode 6

    Warren has been living with the guilt of not making good on the dying wish of his best friend.

  • The Truth About Dad

    Episode 7

    Jeremy searches for his father following the death of his grandmother.

  • A Son's Search

    Episode 8

    Amy Zerbe wants to help her husband Chris find his biological father.

  • A Sister's Heartbreak

    Episode 9

    Yvonna doesn't want the wounds from the past to stop her from finding her brother.

  • A Mother's Peace of Mind

    Episode 10

    Troy helps Cindy reunite with the child she gave up for adoption.

  • A Daughter's Struggle

    Episode 11

    Andrea has never been able to overcome the empty void in her heart that comes from not knowing her birthmother.

  • A Mother's Healing

    Episode 12

    Mary and her husband search for a child that they took in as an emergency foster care placement.

  • A Mother's Regret

    Episode 13

    Shelly searches for her mother with the help of Troy and his team.

  • A Daughter's Two Dads

    Episode 14

    David Buracchio wants nothing more than to help his stepdaughter Christa find her biological father.

  • A Daughter's Last Hope; A Father's Amends

    Episode 15

    Cindy looks for her father while Robert enlists Troy to find his daughter in order to make amends.

  • A Niece's Gift

    Episode 16

    Stephanie wants to help her Aunt Donna find the daughter she gave up more than 40 years ago.

  • A Son's Search for Answers

    Episode 17

    Troy helps NFL star Paul Spicer search for his father.