The Locator

The Locator

3 Seasons

Get out your handkerchiefs as investigator Troy Dunn moves Heaven and Earth to reunite clients with loved ones who have lost touch over the years.

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The Locator
  • A Daughter's Gift

    Episode 1

    When sisters learn their mother gave up a son for adoption, they make it their mission to find him.

  • A Mother's Secret; A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

    Episode 2

    Dawn has never understood why her father left. Maren wants to find her mother's first-born child.

  • My Two Dads

    Episode 3

    Elaine hopes Troy can help find a family friend who disappeared shortly after her father's death.

  • Righting A Wrong

    Episode 4

    Nikki has contacted Troy in hopes that he can find her birthfather.

  • A Life Comes Full Circle

    Episode 5

    Will Troy be able to help Tiffanie pay forward the love she was given during toughest time?

  • A Soldier's Fight for Truth

    Episode 6

    Aaron wonders how his own father could have just walked away from his life 24 years ago.

  • Separated, But Not Forgotten

    Episode 7

    Tim is on a mission to be reunited with his adopted twin sister.

  • A Daughter's Last Hope

    Episode 8

    Leticia Schaub has yet to give up the hope of finding her father.

  • Quest for Redemption

    Episode 9

    Siblings hope to find their mother who they lost touch with as children.

  • Desperate Mothers

    Episode 10

    Jennifer was left abandoned with an abusive father and is now searching for her mother.

  • Bittersweet Reunion

    Episode 11

    As an adopted child, Kim learns she has an older brother and reaches out to her birth family.

  • A Daughter's Disappearance

    Episode 12

    Carina fights to find out the truth about her mother now that she is a mother herself.

  • A Father's Daughter

    Episode 13

    After her father passes away, Erin searches for the half sister she had never met.

  • Childhood Pursuit

    Episode 14

    Kelly tries to reunite with her birth mother after her adoptive mother passed away.

  • Big Sister's Homecoming

    Episode 15

    Bridget searches for her half sister Sara to find out more about her father's family.