The Saddle Club

The Saddle Club

3 Seasons

The story of three heroines, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality, but share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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The Saddle Club
  • A Horse of a Different Color - Part I

    Episode 1

    Carole returns from a holiday to find Pine Hollow deserted and believes that her friends have forgotten her birthday. A valuable horse transported from France arrives at Pine Hollow but escapes into peril. A thief seems to be operating in the stables and Veronica thinks Scotter is the culprit.

  • A Horse of a Different Color - Part II

    Episode 2

    The valuable French horse turns out to be a ring-in and the Saddle Club must find the real one and in the process they unmask the sneak thief. At Carole's surprise party, Scooter discovers that the Saddle Club are really good singers.

  • Show Ponies Part I

    Episode 3

    The arrival of beautiful, mysterious French Junior Champion, Dorothée Doutey, causes rumors and sparks to fly, further fueled by Dorothée’s reaction to their surprise her horse, Hugo.

  • Show Ponies Part II

    Episode 4

    Veronica uses her influence to become a member of the Saddle Club Singers, but the first gig Scooter gets the group is not what they expected.

  • The Ride of His Life

    Episode 5

    Could Hugo be responsible for the Equine infection endangering the Pine Hollow horses? Could this mean the end of Pine Hollow? When Comanche gets sick, the Saddle Club tries their best to save the horse from destruction.

  • Love is in the Air

    Episode 6

    Stevie and Phil’s first date almost turns into disaster and Red coaxes Dorothée into facing her demons and riding Hugo again. Carole’s unhappiness with her father’s new friendship grows worse, when Col. Hanson proposes that her son come to Pine Hollow.

  • Horse-Napped

    Episode 7

    Veronica’s horse Garnet is kidnapped and the Saddle Club set out to solve the mystery. Dorothée is invited by the French Olympic Panel to try out for selection for the Olympic training Squad, but if she passes it means leaving Pine Hollow.

  • Au Revoir Dorothe

    Episode 8

    Murray, who turns out to have stolen Garnet, turns over a new leaf under the guidance of the Saddle Club and both Dorothée and Max are faced with important decisions. Dorothée and Hugo get a big send off from Pine Hollow.

  • The Home Straight

    Episode 9

    The Saddle Club is faced with the difficult task of finding a way an old man and a horse can enjoy a useful old age.

  • Running Free Part I

    Episode 10

    The Saddle Club befriends Raffael and his mother, itinerant workers, who arrive at Willow Creek with their beautiful horse Diablo. Then Raffael is accused of horse-theft by a local farmer. Melanie and Ashley set up a Pine hollow newspaper called “Hoofbeat".

  • Running Free Part II

    Episode 11

    The Saddle Club helps Raffael to rescue his horse, but he is forced to offer it for sale when his family’s life savings are stolen. Lisa is especially saddened by Raffael’s departure.

  • Race Against Time

    Episode 12

    Peeved that Lisa was named captain of the Navigation Riding Team to take on Cross County, Veronica sets out to prove that Phil is poisoning their horses so that his club will have the advantage.

  • Stevie's Bad Day

    Episode 13

    Stevie’s judgment is clouded by her attempts to camouflage a pimple, while Veronica arranges to have a potential Olympic champion on Kristi’s team will win the prize of having their photograph in a prominent equestrian magazine.

  • Fillies vs. Colts

    Episode 14

    Stevie challenges the boys to a Survivor style camp-off.

  • Blind Faith

    Episode 15

    When visually impaired students visit Pine Hollow, the Saddle Club helps a young girl conquer her fear of horses and in the process prove to her overly protective mother that she can live an independent life.

  • Join Up

    Episode 16

    A dance has all of Pine Hollow seeking a date and Kristi schemes to snare Red as her partner. Carole’s attempts at matchmaking end in disaster, especially when she tries to make over a boy for Lisa and her efforts almost split up the Saddle Club.

  • Tenderfoot

    Episode 17

    Stevie and Carole are baffled when Belle comes down with a mysterious illness that even the new young vet can’t diagnose. Red is left to manage Pine Hollow on his own and with everyone busy, Melanie and Ashley set out to ride an uncontrollable horse.

  • Bloodlines

    Episode 18

    Carole befriends a young painter who turns out to be Kristi’s long lost sister. Melanie is upset by Lisa and doesn’t want to be her sister any more.

  • Foster Horse Part I

    Episode 19

    Lisa and Red take on the rehabilitation of a difficult foster horse named Storm. Stevie and Carole discover that Pine Hollow is having money troubles and try to help out.

  • Foster Horse Part II

    Episode 20

    Lisa’s upset when Red gives up on Storm and wants to return the horse to the refuge. Pine Hollow’s money problems are worse than the girls thought and the Saddle Club’s efforts to help all fail.

  • Foster Horse Part III

    Episode 21

    Lisa gains Storm's trust but his ultimate test is still come. The Saddle Club is distressed that the trails will have to be sold to save the Pine Hollow Stables.

  • High Stakes Part I

    Episode 22

    Carole assists a famous trainer with Mr. DiAngelo’s promising young racehorse. With her father’s new investment in Pine Hollow Veronica lords her newfound status over the other kids at Pine Hollow.

  • High Stakes Part II

    Episode 23

    Carole blames herself for the erratic performance of the new racehorse. Veronica is distressed when her father informs her that they are no longer rich.

  • Odd Girl Out

    Episode 24

    The riders have to ride in pairs in the Cross Country Challenge and the two odd girls out, Carole and Veronica, pair up. A new girl, Tracey, causes dissension between Melanie and Ashley.