The Saddle Club

The Saddle Club

3 Seasons

The story of three heroines, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality, but share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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The Saddle Club
  • Horse's Keeper

    Episode 1

    When Veronica is forced to work under the supervision of Stevie at the stables for her horse’s board, she decides to sell Garnet. Once the sale is made, Veronica bitterly regrets this decision and the Saddle Club feel sorry for her.

  • Finishing Strongly

    Episode 2

    The bank is foreclosing on Pine Hollow and the Saddle Club organize a rummage sale to help the Regnerys with unexpected consequences.