The Saddle Club

The Saddle Club

3 Seasons

The story of three heroines, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa, who form The Saddle Club at the Pine Hollow Stables. Each character has a distinctly different personality, but share an equal love of horses and a strong loyalty to each other.

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The Saddle Club
  • Back in the Saddle

    Episode 1

    The Saddle Club is challenged to a race by Veronica whose use of electronic devices to win the competition lead her into danger.

  • Moving On - Part I

    Episode 2

    When her father is deployed overseas, Carole has to say goodbye to Pine Hollow and Starlight. It looks as though this could be the end of the Saddle Club.

  • Moving On - Part II

    Episode 3

    Devastated at having to leave Pine Hollow, and the idea that Starlight will join her father in the military, Carole runs away with her beloved horse.

  • Don't Give a Hoot

    Episode 4

    Something is upsetting the horses at night. Could it have something to do with the arrival of a mysterious new student, Desi?

  • Crossing the Line

    Episode 5

    A favorite trail near Pine Hollow is closed off by Desi’s father, but the Saddle Club are forced to trespass on it when miniature donkey, Trouble lives up to his name.

  • Facing the Music

    Episode 6

    The District Interclub Competition is about to take place at Pine Hollow. Stevie is dared by the boys to rough ride. They are so impressed at her zip they invite her to be the third rider on their team in the Willow Creek Time Trial.

  • The Dutchess and the Donkey

    Episode 7

    When Stevie gets injured, Carole and Lisa offer to stop riding, out of solidarity. Stevie thinks this is a silly idea, but Veronica realizes she can work the angle when she sees a magnificent racehorse brought to Pine Hollow.

  • All That Glitters

    Episode 8

    The Saddle Club happen upon a disused gold mine and hear its history from Jess' grandfather, an ex-circus strongman called Orlando. Veronica heaps scorn on the old timer, so the Saddle Club resolves to teach her some manners...but things come unstuck.

  • One Step Forward

    Episode 9

    Having forged a bond with Midnight, Simon cannot stomach the thought of the beautiful horse being put down…so he resolves to do something about it – and the Saddle Club are quick to involve themselves in a good cause.

  • Cut to the Quick

    Episode 10

    It's the annual trials to set the rankings for the Pine Hollow students and Veronica is looking down the barrel of coming second to Stevie...this prompts Veronica to do something extreme.

  • Pioneer Day

    Episode 11

    When Stevie finds a championship medallion in Old Sweetwater, she reunites the medal with its reclusive owner Rosemary Cross who overcomes her tragic past to horse ride again.

  • Itchy
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    Carole develops allergic symptoms and fears she has an allergy to horses. She swears Lisa and Stevie to secrecy, but they worry that the allergy is making Carole an unsafe rider. Could this be the end of the Saddle Club?

  • Lisa's Choice - Part I

    Episode 13

    Out of the blue, Diablo returns to Pine Hollow and Lisa makes him welcome…but Belle falls sick and Stevie becomes convinced that Diablo has brought a killer disease in from the wilds.

  • Lisa's Choice - Part II

    Episode 14

    Pine Hollow is quarantined by a suspected outbreak of equine influenza. Lisa has to bring Diablo in to establish if he is the source of the outbreak.

  • Seeing Is Believing

    Episode 15

    A mystery pony appears at Pine Hollow and follows Carole everywhere, which is a good thing since it saves her life.

  • Trouble Free

    Episode 16

    When Veronica removes Trouble from the stables, she upsets the miniature donkey and his companion Danville Duchess, who escape on a cross country adventure. Only Jess and Melanie's detective work can find the donkey.

  • Out Foxed

    Episode 17

    An adventurous mock fox hunt turns dire for Simon the Fox when he rides into dangerous terrain and is injured. Will the other Pine Hollow students stop bickering and find him in time?

  • Staying the Distance

    Episode 18

    As Lisa continues to improve her jumping skills, giving Carole and Veronica a serious run for top spot, Prancer's old leg injury flares up.

  • Borrowing Freedom

    Episode 19

    When Garnet refuses to make the double oxer jump, Veronica is humiliated and implements cruel measures to make Garnet more obedient.

  • Pedigree

    Episode 20

    When Veronica hears Samantha Askew, a young wealthy girl with a link to the royal family, is visiting Pine Hollow, she sets about improving everything and everyone.

  • Friends and Family

    Episode 21

    After an argument with her sister, Melanie is distraught to hear Lisa wish she didn't exist. Upset, Melanie runs away on her pony and Lisa must venture out with Prancer in order to find her and make things right.

  • Desk Jockey

    Episode 22

    Crushed after failing his Bernouli Training School audition, Jack tries to resign from Pine Hollow. Wanting him to stay, the Saddle Club convince Max to let Jack work in the office and try to reignite Jack's love of horses.

  • Musical Chairs

    Episode 23

    Trapped at Pine Hollow due to flash flooding, the students are forced to endure a sleepover. When Desi goes hyper after she thinks she’s eaten paprika, she takes delight in telling everyone how it really is.

  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    Episode 24

    Stevie and Lisa have an argument on the Saddle Club Anniversary, it looks like the group could be splitting up. It is up to Carole to make the girls look beyond their differences and remember their love of horses, in order to save their friendship.