This Old House

This Old House

4 Seasons

This Emmy-winning home-improvement series takes the mystery and fright factors out of remodeling and carpentry chores. It follows one whole-house renovation over several episodes and features tradesmen Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, and Roger Cook, along with host Kevin O'Connor.

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This Old House
  • Peering Down the Rehab Rabbit Hole

    Episode 1

    At the Russell Woods project, Richard snakes a camera down the main plumbing stack to rule out any major blockages to the street. Frank asks Tommy for help with the leaky parapet at the front of the house. They find the parapet is filled with dirt. After removing it all, they use a rubber roofing...

  • Ready for Rehab

    Episode 2

    Kevin meets Detroit’s Mayor, Mike Duggan, to learn about the city’s efforts to eliminate blight and revitalize the neighborhoods. Kevin meets Land Bank Executive Craig Fahle, who shows him around an abandoned home in the Grandmont Rosedale neighborhood. Through a program called Rehabbed & Ready, ...

  • Windows of Detroit

    Episode 3

    At the Grandmont Rosedale project, Kevin tours the demo on the house, and then meets electrician Lenny Rodriguez to learn about his electrical plan. Back in Russell Woods, Tommy teaches Tamiko, Monet and Christian techniques to remove all the peeling paint in the living room. Richard and Frank be...

  • Plumbing Road Trip

    Episode 4

    At the Russell Woods project, Tommy repairs crumbling decorative molding with a plastic replica created by a 3D printer. Frank and Tamiko head to Kohler, Wisconsin to look at plumbing fixtures, while Richard gets a tour of the nearby factory. Back at the house, Richard and Frank repair some compr...

  • Fixing the Fascia

    Episode 5

    At the Grandmont Rosedale project, a new exterior wall goes up, from the inside. In Russell Woods, Scott Caron and local electrician Shane Masters rough-in new kitchen wiring. Richard finds Joe Burke installing a brand new HVAC system. Richard then heads to Flint, MI to learn about the ongoing cr...

  • A Mason Steps Up

    Episode 6

    At the Russell Woods project, Tommy uses a clever fix for some damaged oak flooring in the living room. Frank and Tamiko meet with Jerusha Kaffine, a local kitchen designer, to see her plan. Mark McCullough joins the crew in Detroit to repair the front steps, and then new gutters go up. Kevin vis...

  • Stained Glass Revival

    Episode 7

    Kevin stops by the Grandmont Rosedale project to find the kitchen tile and cabinets installed. He watches as the granite countertops go in. Back in Russell Woods, Tommy works with Josh and Frank to reinstall all of the restored leaded glass bay windows. Now that drywall is up in the kitchen, Fran...

  • Going Old School for Tile and Molding

    Episode 8

    In Russell Woods, Kevin finds Frank and Tamiko prepping the guest room walls. Their kids join in to begin painting. Kevin finds sod farmer Mike Thompson in the front yard, planting some low maintenance plants under the bay windows and laying sod across the rest of the front yard. Tommy repairs de...

  • Rebirth in Detroit

    Episode 9

    Kevin and Tommy pull up to the completed Russell Woods, recalling their time in the city and the restoration efforts they’ve witnessed. Frank meets Tommy out front to review the exterior changes to the house. Tamiko shows Kevin the new living room, dining room and den, featuring the restored bay ...

  • Rebuilding Motor City

    Episode 10

    Kevin introduces the city of Detroit and describes some of its history. He meets journalist Stephen Henderson in front of his childhood home, and learns about how the city and its neighborhoods came upon hard times. Kevin pulls up to the project house and meets Frank and Tamiko Polk, as well as F...