This Old House

This Old House

4 Seasons

This Emmy-winning home-improvement series takes the mystery and fright factors out of remodeling and carpentry chores. It follows one whole-house renovation over several episodes and features tradesmen Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, and Roger Cook, along with host Kevin O'Connor.

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This Old House
  • Arts & Crafts Class Begins

    Episode 1

    Kevin, Norm, Roger, Richard and Tommy are back in Arlington - this time at an early English-style Arts and Crafts house built in 1909. Kevin meets the homeowners Nick and Emily, both originally from Arlington, and gets a look at the first floor to see what has been preserved and what has been alt...

  • A New Look, Inside and Out

    Episode 2

    The design process kicks off with a meeting at interior designer Jill Goldberg’s shop in Boston’s South End. Homeowner Emily sorts through colors and wallpaper ideas for the living room to brighten up the house. Back at the house the old plaster walls are carefully demolished. Landscape architect...

  • Make Way for the Family Room

    Episode 3

    Tommy and Kevin replace a 100-year-old wooden beam with a new steel beam to provide support for the new addition. Norm visits local examples of Arts & Crafts style houses with historian Richard Duffy. The old oil tank gets drained and removed by a specialist. Digging for the new foundation begins...

  • Foundation Fundamentals

    Episode 4

    Kevin meets Tommy in the old playroom, looking out over the work on the new foundation. Tommy shows Kevin the ICF’s (insulated concrete forms) that replace traditional foundation molds. They discuss the high efficiency achieved with this system. Then Tommy introduces Kevin to Kent Reusswick, who ...

  • A Steely Den

    Episode 5

    Tommy and Kevin take a road trip to see how the steel beams used in our house are fabricated. The beams are trucked to the site and Kevin finds Tommy supervising erection on the back of the house. The third floor has been demo’ed and now Richard can start an HVAC plan for the second floor. He’s l...

  • One Brick at a Time

    Episode 6

    Now that the firebox is installed, it’s time to start the new chimney for the addition. Mark McCullough, expert mason on the project, gets an apprentice for the day – a homeowner. Then he travels to Bridgewater, MA to visit a brick-making factory and gets a tour from the 4th generation owner, Lin...

  • To Paint or Not to Paint

    Episode 7

    The homeowners want a unique look for their kitchen. They think a custom range hood will fill that vision. Kevin visits the shop of Ed Packard, otherwise known as the Tin Man, to find out how the range hood is coming together. The original chimney has seen better days and needed to be demo’ed. Ke...

  • A New Look to Match the Old

    Episode 8

    Demo of the old walls for the addition revealed a hidden doorway to the kitchen from the main hall. Norm and Charlie tackle the job of opening up the old entry way. The homeowners have a beautiful design plan for the new master bath, but it presents a classic plumbing problem. Richard shows how t...

  • Arts and Crafts from Top to Bottom

    Episode 9

    The project’s old front porch was a hodgepodge design - part permanent, part temporary. Kevin finds Tommy framing the new front porch using custom cut and assembled rafters. The new design puts an Arts and Crafts punctuation mark on the front of the house. Nick and Emily have chosen special marbl...

  • Shedding the Old Look

    Episode 10

    Homeowner Emily has always wanted an enclosed space for her yoga and it was decided an outdoor shed would be the perfect solution. Kevin meets the foreman of the shed company who will oversee the one-day process. The walls come pre-assembled and raised like an old-fashioned barn raising. Tommy co...

  • Underground Energy

    Episode 11

    The homeowners have always wanted to remove a service pole at the front of their property. The electric company has finally given them permission to bury the service from down the street. Today Jimmy McLaughlin’s crew and electrician Scott Caron start the process. At the front of the house, Norm ...

  • Changes Start To Show

    Episode 12

    The exterior trim detail is complete and now it’s time to shingle the rest of the house. Tommy is using pre-primed red cedar shingles with a 5-inch reveal. Inside, homeowner Emily and interior designer Jill Goldberg meet Donna Boerner, an in-home stylist, who will help them figure out what kind o...

  • Decorative Touches Make a Difference

    Episode 13

    There are many new decorative elements on the outside of the house - including a small roof detail supported by two brackets on the side of the house. Tommy assembles the roof on the ground first, doubling up the fascia for extra support. After he installs the second bracket, a lift helps to rais...

  • Shiplap for a Ship Shape House

    Episode 14

    Everyone is covering their walls with shiplap. Homeowners Emily and Nick love it too and want to finish their third floor with it. Kevin finds Tommy installing shiplap in Nick’s office. Outside, the landscape plan calls for a walkway from the front porch stairs down to the street. It will consist...

  • Details Make the House Beautiful

    Episode 15

    The journey of the Vermont marble continues from the cave to the counters. Richard watches as fabricator Roberto Martinez and his crew install the largest piece of marble at the kitchen island. Nothing says New England like a fieldstone wall. Kim, our landscape architect, calls for one that start...

  • An Arts & Crafts for the Ages

    Episode 16

    The Arts and Crafts house in Arlington is at completion and the guys come to take a last look and celebrate with the homeowners. Kevin and Tommy arrive at the new entrance where the old Silver Maple tree and telephone pole once stood. Kevin tours the front yard with Roger and landscape architect ...