Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel

9 Seasons

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TV-PG In this beloved drama series, three angels are sent to Earth to tell troubled people that God loves them and hasn't forgotten them.

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Touched by an Angel
  • At Risk

    Episode 26

    TV-PG. A juvenile offender is given a second chance to make a difference in both his life and the life of a severely handicapped child.

  • Full Moon

    Episode 27

    TV-PG. Monica tries to help a married couple overcome the destructive emotions that have plagued them ever since an intruder raped the wife years before.

  • An Angel By Any Other Name

    Episode 28

    TV-PG. When a group home for adults with down syndrome opens in a quiet residential area, a bitter neighbor mounts a campaign to close it down.

  • Inherit The Wind

    Episode 29

    TV-PG. Bill Cosby guest stars as the Angel of Restoration, sent to help an ungrateful man who blames God for the trouble in his life.

  • A Delicate Balance

    Episode 30

    TV-PG. A widowed mother jeopardizes the welfare and safety of her children by pushing one too hard and neglecting the other.