Zoo Juniors

Zoo Juniors

10 Episodes

Babies in a Berlin zoo are closely followed, from first days of life to animal toddlerdom. TV-G

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Zoo Juniors
  • Zoo Juniors: 101

    Episode 1

    Zookeeper Petra has her hands full with three newborn jaguar cubs. Meanwhile, tapir mother Ronja is about to give birth to her first baby. Every successful birth is good news for the Zoo. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 102

    Episode 2

    A rare litter of Asian bearcats are examined. In the aquarium, Marco breeds Lake Victoria ciclids hoping to return them to their native lake, and Reimon works with endangered apes. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 103

    Episode 3

    Three baby jaguar cubs explore their outdoor enclosure for the first time but one of them is not very impressed. In the elephant enclosure, baby elephant Thuza cannot understand her keeper. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 104

    Episode 4

    The meerkats have been split up to avoid a fight, and the jaguars are inside today. After being stuck inside for two weeks, everyone in the elephant enclosure is waiting for the doors to open. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 105

    Episode 5

    Black panther cubs explore their new outdoor enclosure and donít like the look of sand. The nocturnal fishing cats get a rude awakening, and the red pandas are examined. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 106

    Episode 6

    In the reptile house, the latest batch of tortoises hatch. There is a rare birth in the okapi enclosure but things are not going well and outside, the hyena pack has two new family members. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 107

    Episode 7

    The giant anteater can't support her new baby, and the keepers step in to ensure the newborn survives. A llama gives birth in front of the keepers, but the baby cannot stand. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 108

    Episode 8

    A record litter of 10 skunks is born. Outside, Ruben carries out a dental check on bonobo baby Likemba. In the rhino compound, Carsten keeps his distance from mud-loving Maburi. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 109

    Episode 9

    The springhare rejected by its mother gets to bounce freely outside its feeding box. Asian elephant Koraya practices her latest move so her keeper can cut her toenails. TV-G

  • Zoo Juniors: 110

    Episode 10

    Dimas, the Asian elephant, takes his first bath and loves it, even though his big sister is not amused. Indoors, mother and baby orangutans let their keeper get the closest yet. TV-G