Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates

10 Seasons

When Gil and Kelly Jo Bates married in 1987, they didn't plan to have kids, but something changed over time; now they're parents to 19 children -- yes 19! When they range from toddler to 20-something and live under one roof, challenges abound, even for a tight-knit family like the Bates brood. Among those are the parents' strict rules, which include everyone's chores, watching little to no TV, and the girls wearing only dresses. Gil runs a tree service that employs some of his sons, while Kelly Jo stays home to make the meals and do the laundry, home schooling and other tasks. As the eldest child gets older, new issues -- including romance, careers and babies -- enter the picture.

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Bringing Up Bates
  • Meet the Bates

    Episode 1

    TV-G. Gil and Kelly Bates, and their 19 kids, are buzzing about the latest addition to their family; the first Bates grandchild!

  • Courtship & Marriage

    Episode 2

    TV-G. Erin invites her siblings over for a sleepover to help ease the transition from a full house to living with only her new husband, Chad.

  • Bates Go Wild

    Episode 3

    TV-G. The whole Bates family packs up and heads to the great outdoors!

  • Training Up Bates

    Episode 4

    TV-G. The younger kids get a lesson on "Train Up," Gil and Kelly's method for discipline, and Kelly takes 11 of them shopping for the ultimate test!

  • Nashville Son

    Episode 5

    TV-G. Budding country singer/songwriter Lawson heads to Nashville to meet with a record label executive, while Kelly and the younger kids start planting a fall garden.

  • Organized Chaos

    Episode 6

    TV-G. Get ready for the Bates seasonal clothing switchover, where nothing goes to waste! The family is asked to sing at a bluegrass music festival.

  • Welcome Grandbaby Bates

    Episode 7

    TV-G. As Whitney's due-date nears (and passes!) the whole family gets anxious to meet the newest addition to the ever-growing family.

  • The Purity Ring

    Episode 8

    TV-G. Carlin gets a night out alone with her parents and they have a special surprise for her.

  • Michaella and Brandon

    Episode 9

    TV-G. Brandon comes for an extended stay with the Bates family. Could this mean bigger things for Michaella and him?

  • A Big Bates Thanksgiving

    Episode 10

    TV-G. The family heads to Gil's parents' farm for a super-sized family dinner. The family joins hands to say what they are thankful for and a surprise is revealed.

  • The Bates Go to Florida

    Episode 11

    TV-G. The family hits the road to visit Alyssa and John in Florida.

  • All About the Bates

    Episode 12

    TV-G. Find out everything you want to know (and then some!) about the Bates as they answer viewer questions and show some hilarious never-before-seen footage.

  • A Birthday to Remember

    Episode 13

    TV-G. In the first season finale, Gil is turning 50 and the family can't think of better way to celebrate than to surprise him with a huge family party.