Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates

10 Seasons

When Gil and Kelly Jo Bates married in 1987, they didn't plan to have kids, but something changed over time; now they're parents to 19 children -- yes 19! When they range from toddler to 20-something and live under one roof, challenges abound, even for a tight-knit family like the Bates brood. Among those are the parents' strict rules, which include everyone's chores, watching little to no TV, and the girls wearing only dresses. Gil runs a tree service that employs some of his sons, while Kelly Jo stays home to make the meals and do the laundry, home schooling and other tasks. As the eldest child gets older, new issues -- including romance, careers and babies -- enter the picture.

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Bringing Up Bates
  • The Bates New Year's Resolutions

    Episode 1

    TV-G. In this all new special, join the Bates in celebrating a Happy New Year as they take a look back at the incredible moments of the past year as well as set their resolutions for their exciting year to come!

  • The 4 C's: Carat, Clarity, Carlin & Courtship

    Episode 2

    TV-G. Now that Evan has permission to court Carlin, he puts his "courtship proposal" plan in motion, Bobby makes a pitstop at a jewelry store on his way to Tennessee, and the Bates throw a surprise party for Josie's 18th.

  • Decorating Dilemmas and Job Decisions

    Episode 3

    TV-G. Kelly Jo and Erin help Michaella and Brandon decorate their new rental home. Chad decides to leave his job at the scrapyard and offers his position to Bobby.

  • Bobby's Happy Camper

    Episode 4

    TV-G. On the way to Tennessee, Bobby picks up Tori's engagement ring, Meanwhile, Tori and the rest of the Bates atttempt to cozy up the camper before Bobby arrives. Bobby's parents visit the Bates for the first time.

  • SUN Day, Fun Day!

    Episode 5

    TV-G. A total eclipse is headed directly over Rocky Top, Tennessee. Brandon gives the kids a science lesson while the Bates gather for a pool party. Michaella and Brandon search for answers about their infertillity struggles.

  • Erin's Surprise Takes the Cake!

    Episode 6

    TV-G. Erin reveals to her husband Chad some very unexpected news. Whitney balances motherhood, with her new career as a Realtor. Later, Erin bakes a cake with her younger sisters and lets them in on a secret!

  • The Best Is Yet to Come

    Episode 7

    TV-G. It's been love at first sight for Tori and Bobby. While an engagement ring might be burning a hole in Bobby's pocket, he still needs to come up with the perfect proposal plan, so he turns to Gil and Kelly Jo for advice.

  • Bates Sports Special

    Episode 8

    TV-G. Whether on land, sea or snow, see the Bates as they hit, shoot, tackle, score, wipe-out and take the prize in this compilation of their best (and worst) athletic achievements.

  • Fan Favorite Clips

    Episode 9

    TV-G. We're counting down the Top 25 Most Viewed Bates Clips from that have never before been seen on TV! Will your favorite clip make the list.

  • Save the Date and Decisions to Make!

    Episode 10

    TV-G. Now that Tori and Bobby are officially engaged, they're hoping they can move up their wedding date, but can they convince Gil and Kelly Jo that this is a wise decision?

  • Icing on the Cakes

    Episode 11

    TV-G. Kelly Jo has assembled a wedding planning team for Tori and Bobby's nuptials and now it's time to scout the venue! Will Tori's indecision on the details prevent Kelly Jo from checking things off her To Do List?

  • Big Decision, Bigger Opinions

    Episode 12

    TV-G. The Bates meet for a family picnic where a sibling has some surprising news. Kelly Jo, Tori, and her sisters head to her wedding dress fitting, but will different opinions keep Tori from finding her dream dress?

  • Fixin' for New Beginnings

    Episode 13

    TV-G. The Bates and Paines are ready to renovate! Now that Chad's started a new job as a Subcontractor, he's been assigned to work on a "Fixer Upper" with Erin's interior decorating input to help with flipping the property.

  • Can You Have a Wedding Shower Without the Bride & Groom?

    Episode 14

    TV-G. Before Tori "Ties the Knot" with Bobby, Gil takes her out for special father/daughter outing. Later, as the family gathers for the festivities, there's no sign of Tori and Bobby. Will this be a Bride and Groom-less shower?

  • Beach Blanket Bachelorette!

    Episode 15

    TV-G. Now that Tori has a ring on her finger, Kelly Jo and her sisters have planned a Bachelorette Beach getaway for the Bride! Gil, Bobby, Kelton, Lawson and Nathan decide to have a little fun of their own at an indoor speedway.

  • Another Beautiful Season of Blessings

    Episode 16

    TV-G. The Bates head to South Carolina for their annual Thanksgiving tradition with Carlin and Josie's boyfriends in tow. Now that Evan and Carlin are officially courting, will Josie and Kelton ask permission to do the same?

  • Countdown To "I Do"

    Episode 17

    TV-G. The Countdown has begun! Before Tori and Bobby say, "I Do," there's a million things left to do! With Baby #3 on the way, the Paines go in for Erin's ultrasound, and Gil and Kelly Jo celebrate their 30th anniversary.

  • Tori's Winter Wonderland Wedding

    Episode 18

    TV-G. It's a very "Marry" Christmas for the Bates as Tori and Bobby's wedding day is here! Once the vows are exchanged, it's time for the couple's first kiss! Will it be everything they've been waiting for?

  • The Bates Get Candid

    Episode 19

    TV-G. In this new special, hear from the Bates family as they speak for the first time about their experience shooting the show. They’ll look back and reflect on seven seasons, share funny stories from “Behind the Scenes” and discuss how being on TV has impacted their lives and those of others.

  • Mother's Day Special UPdated!

    Episode 20

    TV-G. This year, Mother’s Day with the Bates is a whole lot bigger and a whole lot more fun! Join the family for the most motherly moments throughout the series as we celebrate some of favorite moms; Kelly Jo, Whitney, Erin and Alyssa; updated with new content!

  • The Bates Royal Wedding Celebration!

    Episode 21

    TV-G. With 5 weddings under their belt, if the Bates know one thing, it’s weddings! See all the great moments of weddings past – including never before seen footage – from proposals to rings to dresses, and that great moment when they say, “I Do!”

  • A Heavenly Honeymoon & a Courtship Countdown

    Episode 22

    TV-G. After a picture-perfect wedding ceremony, Tori and Bobby head out for their Honeymoon. Now that Kelton has permission to court Josie, will he finally take a leap of faith and ask her the Big Question?

  • Eye Love You Day!

    Episode 23

    TV-G. Tis the season for love, as the family preps for this year's "I Love You Day" festivities. Kelly Jo is finally getting eye surgery to correct her vision, but how will the Bates household hold up while she's in recovery mode?

  • Seas the Day!

    Episode 24

    TV-G. Gil and the family head to Myrtle Beach, SC so the kids can meet Mama Jane's side of the family for the first time. Can Carlin lure Evan away to pose for some "engagement worthy" photos.