Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates

10 Seasons

When Gil and Kelly Jo Bates married in 1987, they didn't plan to have kids, but something changed over time; now they're parents to 19 children -- yes 19! When they range from toddler to 20-something and live under one roof, challenges abound, even for a tight-knit family like the Bates brood. Among those are the parents' strict rules, which include everyone's chores, watching little to no TV, and the girls wearing only dresses. Gil runs a tree service that employs some of his sons, while Kelly Jo stays home to make the meals and do the laundry, home schooling and other tasks. As the eldest child gets older, new issues -- including romance, careers and babies -- enter the picture.

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Bringing Up Bates
  • Hit the Road Jack!

    Episode 25

    TV-G. To celebrate his Sweet 16, Jackson heads to the DMV to take his Driver's Test. Erin and Chad Paine prepare for the arrival of Baby #3, Everly Hope. Trace gets a flying lesson from his brother Nathan.

  • Lions, and Tigers, and Bates, Oh My!

    Episode 26

    TV-G. Now that Michaella and Brandon have more spacious digs, it's Addee, Ellie and Callie's turn to visit their big sis in Chicago! Back home, Tori and Bobby ponder their upcoming move to Nashville with mixed emotions.

  • Just a Little Off the Top, Please...

    Episode 27

    TV-G. Now that Josie's graduated from cosmetology school, she's landed a new job at a salon. Before baby Everly is born, Erin and Chad spend some bonding time with Carson and Brooklyn.

  • One Week, Three Babies?!

    Episode 28

    TV-G. Gil and Kelly Jo gear up to be on hand for the birth of Erin and Alyssa's third child. The Bates gather for supper at Zach and Whitney's new house when Tori and Bobby surprise the family with some very big news!

  • A Bundle of Joy and a Rodeo Show

    Episode 29

    TV-G. KJ heads to Florida to be by Alyssa's side on her due date, but will Erin or Alyssa deliver first? Lawson and Trace head to Indiana to participate in their first Rodeo Variety show performance and showing off their trick riding.

  • Labor Paines

    Episode 30

    TV-G. Now that Alyssa's given birth to her third child, Erin's up next! Erin's strong contractions have Chad rushing to the hospital, but will they make it in time? And if they do, will Dr. Vick be ready?

  • Chaperoning Do's & Don'ts

    Episode 31

    TV-G. Now that the older Bates girls are coupling up, Gil and Kelly Jo decide to give the younger kids a lesson on the do's and don'ts to being the perfect chaperone.

  • Milestones and New Chapters

    Episode 32

    TV-G. It's time for the middle boys to get schooled on the Bates Family Tree business. It's a milestone moment for Tori, Trace and Josie, as they graduate from college, and begin the next chapter in their lives.

  • Asking Permission and a Big Decision

    Episode 33

    TV-G. Josie and Kelton ask Zach and Whitney for advice before speaking to Gil and Kelly Jo about the "M" word. Tori and Bobby have their very first ultrasound. Gil debates an expansion to the growing Bates' Church.

  • The Ring, The Dress and Ready for Next Steps!

    Episode 34

    TV-G. Kelton meets up with Bobby to look at engagement ring settings for Josie. It's moving time for Tori and Bobby. Whitney's on the hunt for the perfect Vow Renewal dress to say "I do" in, a second time around.

  • Baby Fever and Proposal Decisions

    Episode 35

    TV-G. Kelton's eager to propose to Josie so he reaches out to Gil and Kelly Jo to discuss ideas on where he should pop the question. Meanwhile, the Bates church is undergoing a massive renovation with the help of the ministry group, Carpenters For Christ.

  • Blue or Pink, What Do You Think?

    Episode 36

    TV-G. Is it a Boy or Girl?! The entire Bates family gather in Tennessee to learn the gender of Tori and Bobby's first child! Meanwhile, Kelton works on finalizing the details of his proposal to Josie.

  • A Monumental Proposal

    Episode 37

    TV-G. Unbeknownst to Josie, Kelton's planning to pop the question at her dream destination! But when he surprises her at work with her parents, will she be clued into the grand plan?

  • New Year, New Bates: Part I

    Episode 38

    TV-G. Take a look back at highlights from Season 7 of "Bringing Up Bates" including everything from incredible courtship and marriage proposals to baby announcements and new jobs, new homes and new adventures!