Bringing Up Bates | Exclusive Season 9

Bringing Up Bates | Exclusive Season 9

Bringing Up Bates | Exclusive Season 9
  • Bringing Up Bates

    10 seasons

    When Gil and Kelly Jo Bates married in 1987, they didn't plan to have kids, but something changed over time; now they're parents to 19 children -- yes 19! When they range from toddler to 20-something and live under one roof, challenges abound, even for a tight-knit family like the Bates brood. Am...

  • Season 9 Finale: 923 - A Day for Dads!

    With more dads in the mix, the married couples and kids come up with special ways to celebrate the men in their lives on Father's Day, and Josie has a special gift for first time Dad Kelton! TV-G

  • 922- Never Before Seen on TV!

    In this new special, enjoy some of the best Bates moments never before seen on TV! TV-G

  • 921 - A Promise Ring & Unexpected Delivery!

    Lawson, Nathan and Trace ride horses at the ranch, but Nathanís quickly in the hot seat when his brothers notice something interesting on his finger, and baby Layla has a small hole in her heart. TV-G

  • 920 - Shelter in Bates

    Carlin, Whitney and Erin discuss their business over video chat and how they can keep going during COVID-19. Michaella faces challenges pursuing her nursing degree online instead of in person. TV-G

  • 919 - Baby Boy Blessings & Basketball Mishaps

    Trace breaks his finger and is taken to the emergency room. With only Bobby by her side because of the pandemic, Tori gives birth to a boy, rooted on via video chat by Kelly Jo and her sisters! TV-G

  • 918 - The Show Must Go On!

    A pandemic is on the minds of the world, and in this special family-filmed episode, Toriís in countdown to baby mode, facing the prospect of having to give birth during the coronavirus outbreak. TV-G

  • 917 - I Love You to Piz-zas!

    Katie, Gil and Kelly Jo are in New Jersey for Travisí birthday. While Katie thinks sheís only celebrating her crush all weekend, sheís actually 48 hours away from Travis asking her to court! TV-G

  • 916 - Beauty and the Business

    Recovering from shoulder surgery, is Gil keeping up with rehab? Katie and Travis make plans to celebrate his birthday and the family celebrates Addee and Jackson's birthdays with indoor skydiving!TV-G

  • 915 - A Double Date & Something to Celebrate!

    Gearing up for baby #2, Tori has an ultrasound and checks in on her blood clotting disorder. Erin, Whitney and Carlin discuss their growing business and motherhood as they each have little ones. TV-G

  • 914 - Roaring Bates and Pending Due Dates

    A routine ultrasound for Carlin turns worrisome and she ends up in the hospital sooner than expected. The family gathers for their annual ìI Love You Day," and Katieís ìfriendî Travis joins. TV-G

  • 913 - Holiday Traditions and Baby Additions!

    The family "showers" Carlin and Evan with baby love, and Erin and Chad welcome baby #4! TV-G

  • 912 - Holiday Cheer and New Baby Khloe is Here!

    Kelly Jo puts up Christmas decorations before Erin and Whitney give birth. Whitney enjoys lunch with her son, and Zach has a tea party with his daughter before they welcome Baby Khloe! TV-G

  • 911 - Brandon's Book and Kelly Jo's New Look

    Brandon published his first book and is having a book signing! Chad plans a sweet surprise for his very pregnant wife, and Josie, Carlin and Katie give Kelly Jo a makeover. TV-G

  • 910 - Taking Care of Business & Florida Fun

    After Gil's recent rotator cuff surgery, the older boys help their Dad on a tree job. Gil and Kelly Jo head to Florida, and Alyssa updates her parents on her recent heart procedure. TV-G

  • 909 - Nesting Mode & Mommies on a Mission!

    Josie and Kelton finish their home renovations. Erin helps Whitney transform a corner of Kaci Lynn's room into a nursery, and Erin ponders the living arrangements in her cozy home with baby #4. TV-PG

  • 908 - A Great Bates Getaway

    It's a great Bates getaway when the entire family, along with Katie's "friend" Travis and Trace's girlfriend Chaney, head to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for some family fun in the great outdoors! TV-PG

  • 907 - A Pizza Katie's Heart

    Whitney, Erin, Carlin, and Tori share an ultrasound appointment. The married couples go on a date, and the grandkids sleepover with Kelly Jo and Gil! Katie is surprised by her "friend" Travis. TV-PG

  • 906 - Surgery and Surprises

    Gil has rotator cuff surgery. New parents Josie and Kelton celebrate their first anniversary. Later, Tori and Bobby have a surprise, and Carlin and Evan reveal the gender of their first child! TV-PG

  • 905 - Texas or Bust?

    Trace, Gil, and Kelly Jo are in Texas, where Trace asks Chaney's dad to date his daughter. At a picnic with the family, Trace takes Chaney aside to ask her if she will be his girlfriend. TV-PG

  • 904 - Happy News and Health Concerns

    At their first ultrasound|Carlin and Evan discover that Carlin has the same blood disorder as Erin|and Carlin worries. Gil and Kelly Jo visit an orthopedic surgeon|and now Tori has big news! TV-PG

  • 903 - First Home and Strict Chaperones!

    New homeowners Josie and Kelton bring home baby Willow and call on family favors for renovations to their fixer-upper. Traceís date with Chaney is put to the test when Jud and Jeb are chaperones! TV-G

  • 902 - A Busy Business and a Baby Bombshell

    As their dress business booms|Whitney|Carlin and Erin build a new work space. Michaella gets highlights|and Katie reveals a new crush. Erin has an ultrasound|and Carlin and Evan have big news!TV-G

  • 901 - A First Time for Everything!

    Carlin and Evan head off on their honeymoon. Trace's friend|Chaney|is in town and he introduces her family to the Bates. Josie experiences a difficult labor with her first baby|Willow. TV-G