Coming Soon Trailers | Upcoming New Releases

  • Coming Soon - Cookie Mobster (10/2)

    After finding himself in the witness relocation program, a reformed mobster comes to the aid of a local girl scout troop and starts falling for one of the single mothers. TV-G

  • Coming Soon - The Mystery Woman Movie Marathon Collection (10/2)

    A collection of movies full of evidence, alibis, suspects, suspense, flashbacks, forensics, crimes, clues… and Kellie Martin. Enjoy the Mystery Woman Movie Marathon Collection on UP Faith & Family!

  • Coming Soon - Love Unplugged (10/9)

    After a blackout in the city forces financially-strapped newlyweds Matthew and Rebecca to go without their electronic devices, they realize their marriage may need more than financial mending. TV-G

  • Coming Soon - Butter + Brown (10/9)

    Seth and Leslie prepare meals and cocktails with food which is on hand around the house while keeping it real with a dash of comedy thrown into the mix.

  • Coming Soon - Elevator Girl (10/16)

    After a wealthy, uptight lawyer is trapped in an elevator with a charming waitress, he can't get her out of his mind. Not only do opposites attract, they have something to teach one another. TV-PG

  • Coming Soon - Sunrise In Heaven (10/16)

    Jan is the daughter of an overly protective militant father, but that doesn't stop her from falling in love with Steve, a young GI in the Air Force. TV-PG

  • Coming Soon - Happily Never After (10/23)

    True-crime writer, Kate, believes her writing days with her ex-boyfriend, Josh, are long over until her publisher requests a sequel to their book, putting them in danger of falling in love again. TV-G

  • Coming Soon - A Kiss At Midnight (10/23)

    A woman vows to be engaged by the next New Year's only to discover the man of her dreams runs an online dating site that is taking customers away from her old fashioned match-making service. TV-G

  • Coming Soon - Time Capsule (10/30)

    After ten years, high school friends reunite at their alma mater’s field house to dig up their time capsule and relive their high school memories with new relationships and healing broken hearts. TV-G

  • Coming Soon - Catalina Island (10/30)

    Jack Kincaid believes he's living a dream until obstacles in his dissolving marriage and career lead him to Catalina Island, where he rediscovers his passion for living a life he’s always wanted.TV-PG