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  • The Heavens Declare

    1 season

    Scripture references to astronomy as they relate to creation, signs and prophetic events.

  • Creeping Things

    1 season

  • John Wesley Documentary

    When John Wesley is miracuously saved from his family's burning home, his mother is certain that God has a great purpose for his life. As a man, Wesley tries to live out that special purpose in his own strength and good works. It brings frustration and failure. Finally, Wesley embraces saving gra...

  • Awesome Science

    1 season

    Exploring science from a biblical point of view.

  • Amy Carmichael Documentary

    The true story of a brave missionary woman and her battle to rescue young girls from unspeakable evil.

  • Samuel Morris Documentary

    Young Prince Kaboo (Samuel Morris) know his fate is sealed. Prince Kaboo changes his name and a bigger plan unfolds. Will he be released? Nothing will stop Samuel Morris from sharing his faith to all who will listen.

  • Perpetua Documentary

    In the year AD 203 Perpetua, an affluent young mother, was charged with converting to Christianity and is sent to prison. Her freedom can be secured easily. Will she turn her back on her faith?

  • Eric Liddell Documentary

    An inspirational story of how Eric Liddell's famous stand during the 1924 Olympics prepared him for even greater challenges as a missionary to China during World War II.

  • John Bunyan Documentary

    Examine the life of John Bunyan who spends his days in prison, separated from his wife and children. Living in the cold, stone cell is the price he pays for going against the established state religion.

  • Flood Geology Series

    1 season

    Documentaries about geologic evidence for the global flood.

  • Jim Elliot Documentary

    This fascinating documentary presents the events of Jim Elliot's life, sharing the gospel in Ecuador.

  • William Booth Documentary

    Founders of the Salvation Army, the Booths' story is one of struggle, difficulty, love and ultimate triumph.

  • Augustine Documentary

    Explore the amazing story of Augustine, who rejected fame and fortune to become a voice for truth.

  • Corrie Ten Boom Documentary

    A documentary examining the story of Corrie ten Boom, who helped protect Jews from the Nazi regime during World War II. An amazing story of courage, sacrifice, and forgiveness.

  • Gladys Aylward Documentary

    This fascinating documentary presents the events of Gladys' life, accompanied by photographs, illustrations, and recordings of Gladys' own voice.

  • William Tyndale Documentary

    Discover the life of William Tyndale, the man who topped King Henry VIII's "Most Wanted" list in 1535. His "crime" is translating the Bible into English for the common people. Learn why he was willing to risk his life for this cause.