2 Seasons

Different couples experience the journey to parenthood with no camera crews or producers.

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  • Tiani & Brodie / Nellie & Bryce

    Episode 1

    TV-PG. A young couple who parent their much-loved dog prepare to welcome another family member, while two thrill-seekers find themselves hurtling into a new adventure when they get a positive pregnancy test.

  • Rachel & Brad / Alexis & Eric

    Episode 2

    TV-PG. A pair of married eye doctors try to see the way forward when they turn to IVF to conceive, while a Las Vegas couple must revisit a past tragedy as they approach milestones in their pregnancy.

  • Alisha & Cortes / Kalyn & Robert

    Episode 3

    TV-PG. Married science majors anticipate the chemistry with their new addition, while a South Carolina twosome embark on a long journey to become parents but run headlong into serious health concerns.

  • Stacy & Erik / Tia & Tre

    Episode 4

    TV-PG. A pair of first-time parents navigate the challenges of being pregnant in a wheelchair, while a couple juggling life with a toddler turn date night into a unique gender reveal for their second child.

  • Ashley & Dallin / Charlotte & Cedric

    Episode 5

    TV-PG. A couple from Utah have their plans turned upside-down by an unexpected pregnancy, while an NFL player and his wife weather the uncertainties of pro-football as they await the birth of their child.

  • Courtney & Kyle / Kyrah & Kaelin

    Episode 6

    TV-PG. A surprise pregnancy complicates a Texas family's plans to move into a brand new home, while a young couple must grow up quickly when they find they are expecting their first.

  • Lex & Dan / Nikki & John

    Episode 7

    TV-PG. A couple navigates loss on their path to parenthood, while a pair of relentless pranksters has the tables turned when their pregnancy is much further along than they thought.

  • Breanne & Derek / Lisa & Cristian

    Episode 8

    TV-PG. Parents of four are ready to welcome their fifth when a diagnosis changes everything, while a couple planning their Puerto Rico wedding must switch focus when they discover they are pregnant.

  • Kristen & Cory / Ciera & Matthew

    Episode 9

    TV-PG. A family moving from Alaska to Oklahoma maps out their plans for a home birth, but it may not be as easy as they thought, while a devoted twosome works to stay upbeat through pregnancy.

  • Jill & David / Jess & Austin

    Episode 10

    TV-PG. Two free spirits improvise their way to parenthood, while another couple anticipate male fertility issues, but end up blind-sided by pregnancy news.