Heartland: Behind the Scenes

Heartland: Behind the Scenes

3 Episodes

UP Faith & Family Presents Heartland EXCLUSIVES! In this series of behind-the-scenes features, join the cast and crew from the set for an "insiders" look at all things Heartland.
New episode arrives 4/30/21.

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Heartland: Behind the Scenes
  • Characters

    Episode 1

    How have the characters of Heartland evolved? The cast and crew give us an up close look at the development of some of the prominent figures of season 13. TV-PG

  • Production Design

    Episode 2

    From the spectacular magical landscapes to aesthetically designed locations, Production Designer Trevor Smith shares his visual concepts for season 13. TV-PG

  • Season 13 Recap

    Episode 3

    See some of the most eventful moments of season 13 as Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, and other members of the cast and crew take us behind the scenes. TV-PG