Hudson & Rex | Season 4 - New Episode Every Thursday

Hudson & Rex | Season 4 - New Episode Every Thursday

Hudson & Rex | Season 4 - New Episode Every Thursday
  • 415 - Nightmare on Water St.

    TV-PG-LV. While St. John's celebrates Mardi Gras, Charlie and Rex investigate a targeted killing spree.

  • Hudson & Rex

    4 seasons

    Season 4 New Episode Every Thursday | Streaming EXCLUSIVELY on UP Faith & Family!

    Detective Charlie Hudson teams up with what he calls his "highly trained law enforcement animal" German Shepherd dog named Rex who he prefers to team up with because he doesn't talk his ear off.

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  • 414 - Roll The Bones

    TV-PG-V. After the owner of a construction company is found dead, Charlie and Rex track the killer to an underground casino; Major Crimes goes undercover to solve the case.

  • 413 - Roses of Signal Hill

    TV-PG-DV. Rex's starring role in a television commercial is interrupted by the murder of one of the agency's ad executives.

  • 412 - No Man is an Island

    TV-PG-LV. Charlie, Rex and Sarah travel to an isolated island community caught up in a resettlement dispute; Donovan tries to stop a British police officer from derailing the investigation.

  • 411 - Capital Punishment

    TV-PG-LV. Charlie and Rex receive an award for heroism while Major Crimes investigates an extremist threat.

    Episode 412, "No Man Is an Island," premieres Thursday, March 21st.

  • 410 - Blood & Diamonds

    TV-PG-V. After a raw diamond is found at the crime scene of a murder, Major Crimes sets up a stakeout to take down the suspected gem smugglers; an undisclosed team connection threatens to derail the investigation.

    Episode 411, "Capital Punishment," premieres Thursday, March 14th.

  • 409 - Impawster Syndrome

    The Major Crimes team is forced to turn against Jesse when he becomes the prime suspect in a bank robbery.

    Episode 410, "Blood & Diamonds," premieres Thursday, March 7th.

  • 408 - Sudden Death

    After an elite hockey prospect is found dead, Charlie and Jesse disagree over the prime suspect in the case.

    Episode 409, "Impawster Syndrome," premieres Thursday, February 29th.

  • 407 - A Stab in the Dark Web

    TV-PG-V. As Major Crimes investigates a dark web marketplace, Charlie and Rex protect a witness in their home.

    Episode 408, "Sudden Death," premieres Thursday, February 15th.

  • 406 - Dead Man's Bridge

    TV-PG-VL. After a truck transporting liquid explosive is hijacked by criminals, Charlie and Rex find themselves in a race against time to prevent the case from blowing sky high.

    Episode 407, "A Stab in the Dark Web," premieres Thursday, February 15th.

  • 405 - Rex to Riches

    TV-PG-L. A stock market guru's fortune is stolen, setting Charlie and Rex on the trail of a very surprising thief...

    Episode 406, "Dead Man's Bridge," premieres Thursday, February 8th.

  • 404 - Leader of the Pack

    TV-14. While Sarah embarks on a wilderness adventure, Charlie and Rex investigate the murder of a college professor.

    Episode 405, "Rex to Riches," premieres Thursday, February 1st.

  • 403 - Rex Marks the Spot

    TV-PG-V. After a journalist is killed searching for buried pirate treasure, Charlie and Rex dig deep into the competitive world of treasure-hunters to unearth the killer.

    Episode 404, "Leader of the Pack," premieres Thursday, January 25th.

  • 402 - Oops I Bit It Again

    TV-PG-VL. The team uncovers the distorted loyalties that forms when personal ties meet the trappings of fame, when a troubled pop star is suspected of killing her fiancé.

    Episode 403, "Rex Marks the Spot," premieres Thursday, January 18th.

  • Season 4 Premiere: 401 - Sid and Nancy

    TV-PG-VL. When two hikers are discovered murdered near a remote coastal trail, the team is on the hunt for a fugitive duo wanted in a series of grisly campsite murders.

    Episode 402, "Oops I Bit It Again," premieres Thursday, January 11th.

  • Season 3 Finale: 316 - The Art of the Steal

    Charlie and Rex witness an armed robbery during a trip to the bank; they discover a connection to a string of ingenious unsolved heists.

    Season 4 premieres with new episodes starting Thursday, January 4th!

  • 315 - Seeing is Deceiving

    A magician dies during a practice-run of her latest routine; Charlie and Rex must look beyond the smoke and mirrors to uncover the truth.

    The Season 3 Finale: Episode 316,"The Art of the Steal," premieres Thursday, September 21st.

  • 314 - Secret Life of Levi

    Jesse's friend vanishes; Charlie and Rex discover the man was living two separate lives.

    Episode 315,"Seeing is Deceiving," premieres Thursday, September 14th.

  • 313 - Mansion on a Hill

    Trapped in an isolated mansion during a storm, Charlie and Rex uncover a wannabe-killer after the hostess is drugged; Sarah fights to keep her alive.

    Episode 314,"Secret Life of Levi," premieres Thursday, September 7th.

  • 312 - Top Dog

    TV-PG-V. Charlie lets Rex take the lead as they investigate a murder at a prestigious dog show.

    Episode 313,"Mansion on a Hill," premieres Thursday, August 31st.

  • 311 - Blood on the Tracks

    TV-PG. A murder appears to mimic an infamous crime spree from the past. Charlie and Rex rush to stop the culprit from continuing the historic crime spree and mimicking the serial killer's legacy.

    Episode 312,"Top Dog," premieres Thursday, August 24th.

  • 310 - Fanning the Flames

    TV-PG-D. When an arsonist begins terrorising a neighbourhood with car bombs, Charlie and Rex are race to find the next target. They hope to find the suspect before the case goes up in smoke.

    Episode 311,"Blood on the Tracks," premieres Thursday, August 17th.

  • Midseason Premiere: 309 - Grave Matters

    TV-PG-V. Charlie and Rex must face an enemy from their past. They find themselves in grave danger as they are confronted by a kidnapper they helped bust who is now out out and seeking vengeance.

    Episode 310,"Fanning the Flames," premieres Thursday, August 10th.