The Beverly Hillbillies

The Beverly Hillbillies

2 Seasons

The Clampetts discover that the swamp behind their home is full of oil. Striking a deal with an oil company, they become millionaires and take their earnings to Beverly Hills, California.

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The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Jed Cuts the Family Tree

    Episode 26

    TV-PG. Mrs. Smith-Standish discovers that Jed's family could possibly be the first arrivals in the country.

  • Granny's Spring Tonic

    Episode 27

    TV-PG. Miss Hathaway's bank protegee is a sultry gold-digger who begins to eye up Jed and his $34 million. Worse, Granny just gave Jed his annual dose of Spring tonic, so he's ready for anything!

  • Jed Pays His Income Tax

    Episode 28

    TV-PG. Granny chases away an IRS agent. Drysdale tries to smooth things over by telling the story of how Jed got rich.

  • The Clampetts and the Dodgers

    Episode 29

    TV-PG. Jed and Jethro go golfing with Leo Durocher, coach of the Los Angeles Dodgers. When Durocher notices Jethro's strength and throwing arm, he considers the boy a future big league pitcher!

  • Duke Becomes a Father

    Episode 30

    TV-PG. Denise comes back for the birth of her dog's puppies as well as to see Jed. "Courtin' and sparkin'" ensues.

  • The Clampetts Entertain

    Episode 31

    TV-PG. Jed arranges a party to cheer up Granny and invites the Drysdales.

  • The Clampetts in Court

    Episode 32

    TV-PG. A couple discovers that the Clampetts are rich after they run into their car. Naturally, they fake injuries hoping to make some money.

  • The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed

    Episode 33

    TV-PG. Jethro needs a passing health certificate so he can graduate from fifth grade, so he goes to the only doctor the Clampetts know: Mrs. Drysdale's psychiatrist.

  • The Psychiatrist gets Clampetted

    Episode 34

    TV-PG. Jethro finally gets his certificate from Dr. Twombly so he can graduate from the fifth grade, but Twombly wants to talk to Granny again.

  • Elly Becomes a Secretary

    Episode 35

    TV-PG. Mr. Drysdale has to speak at a conference while Miss Hathaway is out sick, so Jed helps out by running the bank and appoints Elly to be his secretary.

  • Jethro's Friend

    Episode 36

    TV-PG. Jethro has Armstrong Dueser McHugh III over to the house, who is coddled and treated like he's frail by a chauffeur. Naturally, the Clampetts show the kid a good time.