The Big Comfy Couch

The Big Comfy Couch

7 Seasons

Loonette the clown and her dolly Molly solve everyday problems while residing in the comfort of a large couch. TV-G

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The Big Comfy Couch
  • Bad Hair Day

    Episode 1

    In the 5th season premiere, Molly and Major Bedhead have a bad hair day.

  • Clownvitations

    Episode 2

    In the second episode of the hit PBS show, Loonette feels like she's left out. Granny visits Miss Loonette's Dance Academy.

  • Nothing to Do

    Episode 3

    In the third episode of the hit PBS show, Loonette is bored and can't find anything to do. But she learns that keeping busy is the way to fight boredom.

  • The Big Brain Drain

    Episode 4

    In the fourth episode of the hit PBS show, Loonette thinks of different things in her brain.

  • 1 Potato 2 Potato

    Episode 5

    Loonette, Major Bedhead, and Snicklefritz play a game of keep away with a potato. Granny Garbanzo eventually teaches everyone about not blaming someone else for your own mistakes.

  • Earth to Loonette

    Episode 6

    Loonette reads about Molly being a fisher doll, and they both learn about the importance of not daydreaming all the time.

  • Lettuce, Turnip and Pea

    Episode 7

    Molly wets the Big Comfy Couch which makes Loonette very embarrassed.

  • Time for Molly

    Episode 8

    In the eighth episode of the hit PBS show, Molly tries to get Loonette's attention, but Loonette is too busy having a "me" parade.

  • Gizmo, Schmizmo

    Episode 9

    Loonette discovers all different kinds of gizmos. There is a whole mess of ping pong balls on the couch and Loonette uses a special vacuum cleaner to clean the mess up.

  • Clothes Make the Clown

    Episode 10

    In the tenth episode of the hit PBS show, it is autumn and Molly and Major Bedhead try to keep warm.

  • Don't Tell

    Episode 11

    The gang tries not to reveal a surprise about Major Bedhead's birthday, but Major Bedhead never stops asking what the secret is.

  • You're a Gem

    Episode 12

    Loonette thinks Molly is a real gem, but she also learns the importance that gems and jewelry are not as important as her doll.

  • See Ya in My Dreams

    Episode 13

    Loonette pretends to be a roving reporter and interviews the others about dreams.